Monday, August 24, 2015

Green River, WY & Finally! Pics from the MTC

   Well all my wildest dreams have come true. I got called to serve in
WYOMING. It's awesome here!  My companion is
Elder Berry. This is his last transfer ): and it's my first! Kind of
funny right! When people ask us how long we have been out I say less
than a year and he says more than a year. We are here in Green
River! Its about the size of Owasso but a lot older and a bit smaller.
It's cool though because there are a lot of trucks and a few rednecks
so it's kind of like home!

   On our 2 1/2 hour drive out here we stopped at a gas station and
the lady there was like "hey elders!" And it took me a second to
realize that she was talking to me and then it hit me "oh my gosh I am
finally a missionary this is real..." I am so honored and humbled to
be a representative of Jesus Christ.  To wear his name on my chest is
a big responsibility but I wouldn't trade these two years for
anything. I have only been here a week but it feels like I have been a
missionary forever.

   Me and Elder Berry are both new to the area and it has been a
little slow but we are already teaching four people and three of them
want to be baptized. The amazing part is that all three are
kids who have friends that are members and have been invited to church
and activities and stuff with them! The youth here are amazing and
they love to share the gospel by doing one really simple thing...
INVITING!!!!!! It is so easy!

  We are working with a lot of less actives too and it's amazing
helping them build up their relationship with Jesus Christ. I am
learning to love people more openly and more easily.  I am not going
to lie and say that my mission so far hasn't been hard but it's
missionary WORK. It drains you physically spiritually and emotionally
but I know that with help from my savior Jesus Christ and his infinite
Atonement I can do anything he asks me to do!


Elder Moe

My MTC companion Elder Taylor in our classroom


My MTC District.

Leaving the MTC early August 18 for the Mission Home in SLC

Our bus ride to the train station early in the morning.

Guess who I found at the Mission Home?  Cameron Prestera from Owasso!
My first companion Elder Berry on our way to Green River, Wyoming.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pictures from the SLC East Mission Home

We won't get a new letter from Elder Moe until next Monday, but Sis. Eberhardt (the Mission President's wife) did share some pictures with us through FaceBook.  He just happened to have a dinner appointment on his first night out of the MTC with his new companion and the kind family that fed them sent me a picture ~ His first area is in Green River, Wyoming!  I will hopefully be posting his next letter on Monday.
Incoming Missionaries to the SLC East Mission
With Pres. and Sis. Eberhardt
First companion in the mission field!
First dinner appointment in Green River, WY!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Letter!

Dear family,
 Thank you Becca for "almost" making me a smoothie.... but seriously thank you guys so much for the package! I loved it! I was so sure you guys weren't going to send me one, you even said so!  (good one guys) I hope you haven't gotten my letter i already sent home because it is only like like a paragraph long. Our branch president, President Goodman told us to wright a SHORT letter home just letting our family know we were alive. I didn't explain that in the letter and i really didn't want that to be the first thing you heard from me.
   So to answer some of your questions from the dear elders (thank you so much for those too!) no its not strange not having my phone. I don't even notice that its gone! everyone here doesn't have a phone so its not a big deal. but one of my teachers phones did go off the other day and it was like "oh my gosh i used to have one of those too". It seriously already feels i have been a missionary for like 2 months just because this place is so saturated by the missionary spirit! Mom i am not sick don't worry :) and you will be exited to hear that my long boarding injury has almost completely healed. Yes mom i am smarter than that. :)  I have been wearing a new shirt every day except for today because i ran out of clean ones... but its alright because we get to finally do laundry.  Hallelujah! I am going to try to send pictures but no one can figure it out and i don't have a lot of time!
   Becca to answer your question the MTC is amazing!! It is unlike anything i have ever done before. There have been so many amazing spiritual experiences already and i wish i had time to tell you guys about all of them. It is so different from what i expected in a good way though. It is hard work! i was silly to think it wasn't going to be. it has helped me grow so much; as a person as a missionary but most importantly it has helped me grow closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. Being called as a district leader (our district is our group that we are in class and study all day with, kind of like our MTC family) i have learned how to truly minister to others. At first it was really overwhelming because it was hard for me just worrying about myself, but through a lot of prayers i was guided in what i need to say and do to help us come together and be successful as missionaries. And i was able to stop focusing on myself. That is another thing i have learned! When Christ had every reason to turn in and worry about himself, after all that he went through in his mortal ministry, he was constantly turning outwards and caring for others.  This is a character of Christ that i am trying to apply in my own life.
    So now i am pretty positive that i cant send pictures. I am so sorry ): I will as soon as i can. Mom my "roomies" are really cool! Sleeping is pretty good. The first night i couldn't sleep because my head was spinning. But since then i have been fine. I got the top bunk because Christian told me too and i have realized that that may have been a lot easier for him because of the height difference... ;D  but its alright i have figured it out! My companion is Elder Taylor. When i first saw him i recognized him which weirded me out but then i realized that i saw him on @missionariescomingsoon!! crazy right! he looks just like Frodo from Lord of The Rings(that was the first assumption why i recognized him).
    I am going to really have to work on my typing speed because i am almost out of time. I love you guys so much. I really cant say that enough. I will love you for eternity and i as so happy that we are an eternal family. I am so greatful for my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He is everything to me. Because of him i can change for good, i can repent, and i can live again. 


Elder Moe

MTC District

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sad Parting....

We have not heard from Brinton yet but wanted to give everyone an update from last week.

On Wednesday the 5th of August we dropped Brinton off at the Missionary Training Center (MTC). We took some pictures together at the Temple which is across the street from the MTC.

The kids had time for one more jumping and pointing picture.

Then it came time to say our goodbyes which actually went pretty well.  Dad was amazingly strong and did not front of Brinton, Preston held it together with the Lamaze technique of deep breathing, Becca shed some tears and so did Mom, but overall everything went well.  

How did Brinton do with the goodbye?  I think the picture tells the story.  He has been looking forward to starting his mission and was excited to be entering into the service of the Lord. 

We are anxiously waiting to hear from him and will post a picture with his letter when we receive it.

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