Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hard Boiled District Egg Heads

"On P-day the Sisters decided to draw out the district on hard boiled eggs."
Sept. 26, 2016

Mom:  Dallin gets home on Tuesday at 1:50, so 2:50 your time he will be getting off of the plane here in Tulsa!
Elder Moe: That is crazy they can listen to country music. There are a lot of stories about the west mission that I didn't really believe were true but I have been hearing more and more real things. Lol That is insane that he is almost home. That seems like forever ago that he left.

Mom:  That is so cool that you got to stay in the new mission home. Is it an actual home, or did they just do some renovating to the mission office?
Elder Moe:  It is an actual home. When Elder Soelberg and I went over there a few months ago for interviews, Sister Hillier was telling us about how awesome it was that they like didn't have any pots or pans and there were a bunch of random plates and bowls that weren't from the same set. I told her that is exactly what it is like for everyone else too!! Lol It's a pretty home! Not as old as the old Tulsa Mission home. The South Mission president used to live there. 

Mom: I noticed from your pictures that you ran into Sis.Sanchez. Was that the first time she had seen you?
Elder Moe:  I have seen her at zone conferences and stuff.  The Sisters were just taking a picture and we just walked in and put our thumbs up. I was giving her a hard time at a lunch for zone conference for "stalking me on instagram." She knew I was kidding.

Mom: Nate Nadal said he would be looking for you and Charity Bliss got her mission call to the UT Ogden Mission.
Elder Moe:  I hope I serve around Nate when he gets here! That would be sooooo awesome. Woah I didn't know Charity was old enough to go on a mission! I might not be thinking of the right person.

This is about a picture of his companion, Elder Douglass, from last weeks letter (titled: when you see it...) Elder Moe was being creepy in the background and looking like he was wearing a morph suit. I explained how his sister found him, but the rest of us didn't see him till she pointed him out.
I read the picture thing to Elder Douglass and we were here in the kitchen waiting for our Papa Murphys to bake and dying laughing! We were trying to be creepy and I kinda wondered if you had seen it. 

Mom: Do you WY missionaries get to go to the open house or dedication of the Star Valley temple?  I'm guessing it isn't in your mission, but you had mentioned that you were handing out fliers for it, so I was just wondering.
Elder Moe:  We do not get to go to the temple open house. All of the Sisters in our mission are going though. They are teaming up with the Idaho Mission Sisters and doing the tours. They are having the Elders closest cover the Sisters’ areas while they are gone. One of our Sister companionships found a family of ten that wants to get baptized and then the Sisters had to leave. We are praying that they don't get lost during all of this.

Mom: Someone you were having dinner with sent us a picture.
Elder Moe:  Sister Lancaster was the one that sent you the picture! She is SO AWESOME. She broke her tailbone recently and we just happened to have an unopened doughnut from Walgreens in our apartment... it was a cool miracle because I had a feeling to keep it.

Hey, could I get your French Toast, pancake and biscuits and gravy recipe?

"These are our neighbors Jeff, Shellan, Gage and Cale.  Cale is the angry Captain America.  Haha he is such a punk! They left and moved to China so we are pretty bummed.  They were awesome neighbors."
"We do FaceTime lunches to get to know the Elders in our zone because they are so far away."

"Halloween is coming!"
"I am getting pretty good at moving. Lol. We do it a lot."
"The Papa Murphys turned out great!"
40' outside and popping corn over the fire
"September and it's cold. The weather is crazy...we had to go outside one morning early because I had left my toothbrush in the car and it had snowed. This was later that day."
"Elder Douglass, Elder Lolofie, Elder Moe"
"ELDER BROTHERS LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!! I laugh every time I see it!"

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Umm less Role Play - Take 1

Umm less Role Play - Take 2

Umm less Role Play - Take 3

Umm less Role Play - Take 4

Umm less Role Play - Take 5

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Oh Yeah! We Have A Mission Home Now!"

"This is an investigator in the YSA, and Brett here was our fellowshipper for
the lesson and is about to leave on his mission .  He left like that next day."
Sept. 18, 2016
Dear Family,

Oh yeah! We have a mission home now!! We stayed there when we came down for zone conference. The Wyoming zone is awesome. We got there after the temple trip and changed and had some food that was left over from that day's zone conference. We had scripture study with President and Sister Hillier and their son. He is studying the New Testament in seminary this year so they are reading through it together. We read Luke 3. The next morning, sister Hillier had us help make breakfast - It was so awesome.  The Sisters stayed in my old apartment in Holladay because there were only 3 companionships of them. They said they hadn't prepared to stay at someone else's apartment that wasn't being lived in, so some of them didn't have bedding and they were pretty bitter the next morning at breakfast that we got to stay at the mission home. Apparently Sister Lawson got up to turn on the AC, and when someone got up later to turn it off, because it was freezing, they couldn't find the thermostat. We also may have left some food in the fridge that shouldn't have been left there and we had also left a whole ham in the freezer…lol  I was laughing pretty hard and apologizing of course. (Don't worry I don't pick on sisters I promise!!) It felt like we were back at the MTC with a ton of us sleeping in the same room.  Elder Lolofie was snoring in the morning and I just had to laugh to myself. 

Elders Douglass and Moe
Zone Conference this week was so awesome.  Elder Douglass and I had a day to prepare training for it so we spent a good amount of time there at the mission home prepping and studying.

I forgot some pictures so I just attached them to this - Sister Sanchez!
Nate Nadal is gonna be here next transfer!!!!! That's crazy!
The missionary committee is going to be trying some new things in the Salt Lake area and so we will be seeing some pretty cool things coming soon to our mission!

"Sis. Sanchez!"
Some things that I loved from zone conference: 

- The Sabbath day should not feel like the other six days of the week, your mission should not feel like your life before. DONT TRY TO PULL THINGS FROM YOUR LIFE INTO YOUR MISSION

- When Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet, there weren't missionaries in Utah. When they decided to bring missionaries in, they pulled four companionships from surrounding missions into Utah. (That's crazy) 

- I was reminded of the promise in PMG (preach my gospel) in the first presidency message: "More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children." - The First Presidency       This is so true.

I know that if we desire the Holy Spirit to guide us, our Heavenly Father will teach us how.

I love you

Elder Moe

"When you see it..."  ~with Elder Douglass (look close :D)
Sisters Garcia, Pierce and Sanchez and Elders Moe and Douglass

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"My Slow to Learn and Stubborn Self"

Wyoming Zone
Sept. 12, 2016

Ok so I did write a letter last week... I am pretty sure. I can't find any evidence, so that stinks, but that's not really something I forget... most days…  Ahem…  This week was awesome though. Elder Douglass is my new companion!

So, in the mission office for ZL (zone leader) transfer meeting, I was sitting there and all the new zone leaders were having the opportunity to bear their testimony. Elder Douglass stood up first and bore a powerful testimony. He spoke and the spirit testified to me that he was awesome. I knew from the few interactions that we had that he was Truly good and without guile. I said a silent prayer that my Heavenly Father would help be more Christlike like Elder Douglass's example. They were doing the transfers and Wyoming was last and it was only us left! He is answering my prayers! 

On the way home from transfer meeting I almost pulled a Dr. J and pooped my pants. It was bad and there was nowhere to stop for miles. Luckily we made it home! 

A big lesson my Heavenly Father has been teaching my slow to learn and stubborn self lately is following the prompting of the spirit. We have seen some cool miracles as we have been following promptings, but He gave me a specific experience to teach me. I was driving and we were heading out to Almy and Bear River. We were driving by these trailer parks and I had an impression to turn in. I started counseling the Lord and thought, "We will never finish our plans if we don't head out to Almy now. I am going to make the decision to follow the plans." Thinking of the spirit as my companion, I foolishly thought I could talk through it. I turned off the talk we were listening to and asked Elder Douglass what he thought… he was already looking at me kind of panicked like and said, “oh no, I think they are pulling us over... don't panic.”  I ended up with just a warning, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more from the Spirit and the Lord.
Sorry about the lack of emailege last week... 

Elder Moe

Serious WY Zone
A Sister from our home stake was traveling through Evanston, WY and ran into Elder Moe at a restaurant!!  She sent us a few pictures saying, "thought you'd enjoy seeing his sweet smile."

Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Was the Best Part of Your Meetings This Week?

"Thor Hammer"
Sept. 5, 2016

Question of the week from Mom & Dad:
What was the best part of your meetings this week (MLC and Zone Conference)?

Elder Moe's response:
Wow that is a great question. Probably Elder Curtis (who is a General Authority Seventy) talking about the meeting he went to that morning on the fourth floor of the temple with all the twelve and the Prophet. He talked about how they run the meeting and who bore their testimonies that morning and what they said. He talked about what President Monson said when he got up. Elder Uchdorf in his testimony (they start off with three testimonies picked out of those there in the meeting) was talking about President Monson's efforts trying to get missionaries in Germany, the communist half. When President Monson got up he said something to the effect of, "I appreciate all the stories that have been said about me, but there is something that I want all of you to know… I'm a doer!" and then went on to talk about all that led up to getting the temple in Germany. He told of a meeting they were having with the leaders of the country that was starting out not super great. He said that the whole meeting changed when President Monson gave them a gift of this statue series that the church had come out with of families playing together. After they were discussing allowing the Saints to temporarily travel out of Western Germany to go to the temple nearby, the leaders of the country said, "Well instead of that, why don't you just build a temple here?" He talked a lot about how the church worked. It was sweet.

"Wyoming Zone (Zioming)"
"Mission Tour MLC with Elder Curtis"
Sis. Antunes, Elders Sotolongo, West & Moe

If the videos do not show up, then click on the brintonmoemission link below, or if it shows as an error, click on the youtube link in the video box.
Teaching Elder West to do a backflip

Evanston to SL


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rendezvous and the Booshway here in Evanston

"This is Elk Wyoming"  :D
August 29, 2016
Dear Family,

I love you! Sorry this letter will be shorter because I was trying to figure out my flash drive and it wasn't working.

This week has been an awesome one. I went on exchanges with Elder Soleberg. He came to Evanston and we had an awesome time. For morning workouts we played this basketball game for the whole thirty min! He was such a fun companion! It is so awesome having my last two companions as the APs. I love and respect them a ton and I get to see them all the time. We will be going this week down to the valley for Zone Conference and MLT (missionary leadership training). We are gonna be there in Salt Lake for almost 2 days straight.

This week we went to the Rendezvous here in Evanston (An event that celebrates the region’s trapping heritage with mountain men and women recreating a typical 1840s gathering.) It was awesome! Our Bishop was the head honcho at the Rendezvous (aka Booshway), so he had us judge the Dutch-oven dinner for our dinner appointment with him. Elder West bought a knife while we were there and I bought a tomahawk for 25 bucks because of good memories at Philmont. I had instant buyers remorse and took it back… Lol… Mom and Dad I love you.  We also had District Meeting this week in Green River. It was cool!

This is my journal from after our exchanges:
"Our Bishop was the Booshway at the Rendezvous.  He
is awesome!"
I am on exchanges with Elder Soleberg and it has been so fun! He is one of my favorites. We had some time to go tract and hand out the Star Valley Temple open house invitations. We found some flaky people that weren't super interested, but we got some return appointments. We had a lesson with Mindy our new investigator. Her brother was there and he is super into Dungeons and Dragons. He had like 500 dice all different sides and stuff. It was pretty cool.

Someone dropped stuff off at our house for dinner and we ate really fast and then played the basketball game. It was sick! He beat me a ton, but I had a few really good rounds - we were pretty even!

We had a lesson with another investigator and his wife and the lesson went pretty well. They have both been doing "research" that has been making them question their belief in even the bible...
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet." -Abraham Lincoln  :D
This morning for workouts we played the basketball game again. LOL!

Transfers are coming up on Saturday! Ahhhhhhhh!!

Sorry I didn't get to any spiritual experiences, I'm out of time.  /:

Elder Moe
"District Meeting in Green River"
"Pitbull lap dog"
"This was some guy's seat that was getting burnt from the sun reflecting off of his jerry rigged rear-view mirror... LOL"
Rumble Strip Vibrato
(If you can't see the video, click on the highlighted link)

"DIY front porch"  :D