Friday, April 28, 2017

"Good Week"

Elder Moe & Alkema
April 24, 2017
Dear Family,

This has been a good week and talk bout time flying by.  yeesh... Went hiking today and I was dead tired by the end of it. I’ll have to send some pictures!

It is good to see that Preston had some good clean fun at prom. My first prom experience was... Let's say uncomfortable lol. Preston your dancing skills in that video were "*click click* Real nice."

We had two zone conferences this week, an Exchange with Elder Manning and Rawcliffe, Elder Douglass was with us because his companion Elder Manansala had to get something checked out at the hospital, a huge mission service opportunity, and a baptism to get the Coas to. It was a great time! I will send pictures of the service project too. It’s an event called Comcast cares and our group repainted a wrestling gym.

We are still teaching the C family and they are doing awesome! We haven't been able to meet with Jonathan and Laura too much this week, so that has been hard, but we are teaching them at temple square tonight!  We've also had some awesome tender mercies this week; they are the best, and if we have faith and open our eyes, they happen constantly! 

I love all of you,

Love, Elder Moe
Sasquatch Elder sighting
"New Missionary Training"
Comcast Cares service project
"Hike today"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"It Was the Best Easter Gift Ever"

"This was the family we ate Easter dinner with and the boys did a scavenger hunt for us!  They made deviled eggs too!  Awe Yeah!!"
April 17, 2017

Dear Family!

That's crazy about another BOS kid getting called to Salt Lake! Some people call it Small Lake City because it’s pretty big but it seems like everyone knows people. It must be all the Mormons here.

I was reading my journal the other night and there was and entry where I talked about how Becca came up in my room one night and we spent a few hours hanging out and drawing on my whiteboard. I talked about how much fun it was and how although we fought sometimes I loved my brother and sister a lot. Write in your journal every day! That has been one of the most stress relieving and most sacred things to me, to read a little from my journals every night. I have my little kid one, my dream one, mission one, and preparing for a mission. In my little kid one, the first entry is my baptism. Something I have learned on my mission is as long as you write something, it means a lot and it’s something you probably wouldn't be able to remember without it. "The worst notes are better than the best memory." Record spiritual impressions too. When you pray at night have an open journal on your bed. This has changed my prayers!

This week has been awesome! Went crazy with the #PRINCEofPEACE cards. We gave them to everybody! We are teaching this awesome family from Vietnam that came to church on Easter! It was the best Easter gift ever. That night we invited them to be baptized and they said yes! They said they want their grandson to grow up to be a missionary just like us. If Grandma and Grandpa were Asian they would be just like them! I don't know why but that just dawned on me. Haha

I can't believe the temple is closing!! This will probably be the best time for the Oklahoma Tulsa temple to be built tho.

We have a crazy busy week ahead of us! Hope you have a good one!!

Send any ideas you may have for a big group activity or really any activity that can be done to teach something or relates to receiving revelation!

Love you guys!

Elder Moe
Elder Moe & Alkema

Friday, April 14, 2017

"Elder Alkema Was Gone!"

Elder Moe, Jensen, Alkema and Privado
This is Elder Jensen's last transfer and Elder Privado is now home!
Elder Alkema and I are now companions!

April 10, 2017

This week has been awesome! I am now serving with Elder Alkema and is awesome! We came out together but haven't served around each other a whole lot. He is all about hard work and is super focused and I love it. 

We have had some great times already! Our first night with him, Elder Jensen was still with us. We were leaving to work that evening and Elder Alkema backed us up (its a missionary thing lol ). We were going down the road like 5 min later and I started to feel bad because Elder Jensen and I were talking and he hadn't said anything in a bit.  I had been making comments to Elder Alkema catching him up to speed, but he still didn’t say anything. Finally I turned around to look in the back seat and ELDER ALKEMA WAS GONE! We realized we drove off after he backed us up and hadn’t even gotten in the car. He didn’t have a phone or anything, so we drove back and picked him up. I felt kinda bad, but we all died laughing about it.

We went to Temple Square with Jonathan and Laura this week but I forgot to take pictures.

Who is Jonathan marrying??

Talking about MSG, there was this Thai home we went to and they weren't your average family, but they had their cooking staples on the counter like normal and they were labeled SUGAR and stuff like that, and then there was one that said MSG and it was just like a flour and sugar container. I was laughing inside! I wish Grandma was there! That isn’t a normal thing, it was just this family.

That was quite the Glamorous MOPRO group. I told Preston it sounds like he did all he could to not make people cry about mopro as apposed to what I did... LOL

I wish I would have been closer to our youth group. They seem to have a lot of fun together!

I love you Mom. I can't wait to see you on Mother's Day!!!

Love You BYEEEE,

Elder Moe
Elder Moe & Alkema
Elder Moe & Jensen
STL Hermana Gonzalez photo bomb (she likes to call herself AP STL Hermana

Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Be Hearers and Doers of the Word"

April 3, 2017

Dear family,

This week has been so cool!

We had some awesome miracles!

We were trying to get a hold of an investigator for like 4 days and we hadn't heard anything from him. I had this really good feeling that after the 30th time calling him that he would answer. We were sitting in the apartment and called and were both praying like crazy that he would answer and after the third ring he did and it was epic. He had no idea on the other end but we like hit the floor. I was so grateful! It’s the small things in life.

Another awesome miracle: We have been teaching this awesome family and the Dad is not a member. He has so much faith in Christ and knows a ton about the New Testament. He has been praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he hasn't felt like he has seen an answer to his prayer. He hasn't been giving up and he is still asking in faith! The session we watched with his family was the Sunday Morning session and Thomas S. Monson spoke on the Book of Mormon and made a solemn declaration that the book is true!

Something I want to do this conference is come up with a plan for how I can apply the words of the prophets, seers, and revelators. I am not sure exactly what I will do, but I am going to start with charity from the Prophet’s first talk. I would encourage you to be hearers and doers of the word. Our Redeemer is Christ the Son of God. He speaks through the mouth of his prophets. The heavens are open and this church is true. I know this with all my heart.

"Come unto me all the that are heavy laden and I will give thee rest."

Elder Moe

Conference Run Ins!
Ryan Chatwin!
Elise & Brady Eisinger!
Bri's friend, Elder Fitzgerald
Former SLCE Missionary, Sean Freebairn
Former SLCE Missioanary, Tanner Boren

We were able to go to the Saturday morning and afternoon session. We went with this family on the Saturday morning session!

Holladay District

Dinner with the Logsdons!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"A Tender Mercy"

Dear Family!

Sounds like you guys are doing good! Preston and Becca you are doing so good at developing your talents. You two are going to take the iTunes charts by storm. lol Try songwriting!

It looks fun on the farm. Tell Great grandpa that I love him a lot and cant wait to see him soon! You need record some of his stories onto family tree. Please do some this week. Please. You can record it directly on the app.

This has been a really good week.

We played soccer with the Spanish Zone again on Monday.

We biked and ended up way far from home when we were getting close to curfew. Some kid pulled up in a ford ranger (a genuine fine piece of machinery) and asked if we needed a ride. It was such a tender mercy and on the way home we were like "wow we were far away"

We went on exchanges with Elder Gill and Anderson and it was awesome. I went with Elder Gill and we had a really good exchange! It was super fun to serve together again.

This week we found and taught this awesome guy named T. Our last lesson we had with him we taught the plan of salvation. When we showed him 2 Nephi 2:24-25 he talked about how much it all made sense that an all knowing God would know that Adam and Eve would partake of the fruit and it was all a part of Gods plan.

2 Nephi 2:24-25
24 But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.
25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

It was so cool. When he has questions or concerns he is so straight with us and just asks!


Elder Moe