Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Evanston/Summit Zone - Park City Family Tree - We Slaughtered a Cow

Look who found me at the Family Tree in Park City!
Sis. Halsey!!
Oct. 24, 2016

Dear Family,

This week has been so crazy. We are now a part of the Evanston/Summit Zone. So many changes have taken place. We have doubled the number of missionaries here in Evanston going from 2 companionships to 4. We are each splitting a stake. We now cover 6th ward, 3rd ward and the YSA Branch. We are bummed we don't cover the other wards (especially Almy), but we know they are all in good hands. Elder Taylor (MTC companion) and Elder Bade are covering the other half. Our zone now covers Evanston, Coalville, Kamas, Park City and a few other little towns in Summit County. We are pretty much a Utah zone now. We have 3 companionships of Sisters serving in the Park City Family Tree Center. It is a cool visitors' center that helps you learn more about your ancestors.  It's on Main Street in Park City and was built in preparation for the Olympics. The Sisters serving there get special visitors' center training while in the MTC. It is a crazy cool place.

(This next paragraph may not be suitable for young children) 
We slaughtered a cow this week! We got a call asking if we could come and help for service and he said to wear clothes that could get bloody and to call him when we were ready to ask for directions. We pulled up thinking he shot a deer or something, and as I was opening the gate to this field, I hear a gunshot and see this cow drop to the ground... I was like "HOLY COW!" ha ha  I wont go into details, but it was messy and Elder Douglass almost lost his lunch. 

I love you all and know that Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Elder Moe

Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Are Staying!

WY Zone
Oct. 17, 2016

Hey family, I am alive! We are at the mission office so Elder Matuzaki could have his departing interview. We were driving during Email time so we will do it now!

So for transfers... Elder Douglass and I are both staying!!! We are so exited. There are a ton of changes happening; we have bunk beds in our apartment now. Elder Taylor brought us extra desks this last week and the beds. We should have two missionaries staying with us... we hope it is Elder Nadal or Elder Douglass's friends! 

No, I was the only one that ran down the mountain! Lol 

We are at the mission office and one of the Elders was talking, talking and talking... I am sorry I was trying to type and he was asking me a ton of questions. 

I love you so much! Today is crazy!


This is my favorite thing ever!!  Lol it is this wing challenge in Evanston that is RIDICULOUS. This is Cameron on the wall of shame. There are only 4 guys on the wall of flame. The wall of shame had Mario Ramirez on if if that tells you anything. Elder Matsuzaki couldn't do it and he has been in Spanish areas his entire mission. It's bad, it is so bad the people smiling had to have taken the picture like 30 min after they quit. I tried a tiny bit on my finger and the pain was unreal.

"It is so funny that everyone thinks stripling means buff... from the notion of narrowness, slimness.  Lol"

"We got our hair cut today. It was Mastuzakis final cut..."
"I hit my goal of 100 push-ups in 100 seconds!  I beat it by 11 seconds. Ohhhh yeahhhhh!"
"We took our basketball goal over to give to the Trammels!"

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blazing Trails and the Stop Smoking Program

                                                 Oct. 10, 2016                                      
Dear Family,

This week has been an awesome one for us. To answer your question, our investigator's baptism happened and it was a miracle! We used the stop smoking program and she quit! She had been a smoker since she was 15 years old and she was able to quit in 7 days! It was so cool to see God give her the strength to do it! I know that program is inspired and I am excited to help more people in our area that need it! 

Last Monday we went to this place called Hole in the Rock and it was so fun! I love hiking here in Wyoming. YOU GET TO BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL! In Salt Lake it feels like you are just walking down a sidewalk. There are normally a lot of people on the trail and it's been walked on like a million times. I like to feel like a mountain man. Lol... it was cool though. I hope you like my hoodie I bought! 
I know that our Heavenly Father loves us! I know that the quicker we respond to spiritual promptings the easier it is. We need to learn to be like a horse that knows to turn when he feels the reigns shift and doesn’t need to be jerked by the bit.

Elder Moe

If the video doesn't show up, then click on the Elder Brinton Moe in the Salt Lake City East Mission link at the bottom of the page, or if it shows an Error, click on the youtube link in the black video box.
Blaze your own trail

Teach Me to Walk in the Light

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Conference Was Awesome!"

"Cliche missionary picture"
Oct. 3, 2016

Dear Family,

First of all happy birthday to my amazing mother! Countless times on my mission I have heard your voice telling me things like... "if you do it right the first time you won't have to do it again!" Thank you for all you have taught me. I have a distinct memory of me standing by the end of my bed in front of the dresser, putting jeans away or something and I had said something spot on about cleaning things or having them organized, how it was easier and I remember mom you were proud of me and told me that I was learning and starting to grow up. I was still very young and wasn't close to grown up but I was so proud of myself and I hope you know that was one of many defining moments in my life it helped me a lot get to where I am!

Conference was awesome! Here are some of the things I learned:

-Sincerely ask what God thinks of you.

-Bring STABLING BLOCKS into your life.

-Olive symbolism. It comes out blood red.

-Look for more opportunities to show confidence in my companions.

-My Heavenly Father is so merciful. Even with all of my pride he continues to bless me with growth and knowledge that sometimes even continues to puff my pride. He trusts me to realize this and fix it.

-"The way you see a child is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is who they will become." 

-How do we make our prayers more sincere? Picture our Heavenly Father with you!

To answer your question about who we watched with!

We watched conference at...
Sat morning: Steve and Brother Flake
Sat afternoon: The Lancaster's and Debbie 
Priesthood: The Burhans at the church 
Sun morning: Lancasters 
Sun afternoon: the Paynes and Christina

We aren't allowed to go to conference being in Wyoming.  A small price to pay!

What were my Favorite talks?
Elder Henry B. Eyring: When he talked about lifting others in the Priesthood and our potential! 

Elder Legrand R. Curtis:  He told some of those stories in our zone conference and told us he was going to tell them in conference so we were listening. He interviewed me when he came and I love him a lot.

Elder Anderson:  His friend he baptized was in our mission!  The picture he showed in conference was with OUR Sisters, him and his convert friend!  IT WAS SO SWEET! Sister McKendric (wrong spelling) came out with me and I was so stoked when the picture came up. I was freaking out inside during the Priesthood session.

We are teaching a lady that is so awesome! She has a ton of faith and is preparing to get baptized this week! We pray that we can help her completely quit smoking in time!

This picture was taken at the Lancaster's during Elder Stevenson's talk on the Book of Mormon being the keystone; Debbie was there. Sister Lancaster said, “I don't have a keystone!” And then I stuck the Book of Mormon up there.

We are working with another lady that lives next door to 2 churches and her house burnt down.  Our members are the only ones that have reached out to her. She has been fully involved in church and wants to be baptized on the15th! All I have time for sorry!!!

I know that this is God’s kingdom on the earth preparatory for the second coming of the Messiah. We are making sure that when the Bridegroom cometh, the people of Evanston, Wyoming are ready. This work will roll forth; it cannot be stopped. God is in this work; the work of Salvation.  Jesus is the Christ.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you! 

Elder Moe

Elder Moe, Colton, Elder Douglass

If the video does not show up, then click on the Elder Brinton Moe in the Salt Lake City East Mission link at the bottom of the page, or if it shows as an error, click on the youtube link in the black video box.
"The storms here are weak"