Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Sing Oklahoma When We Come to Their Door"

"The Zone"
Dear Family,

Yeah we had some cool things at MLT (Missionary Leadership Training). President Hillier called two new councilors. President Arusho I think his name is. We haven't met him yet. He has served in the church in some way but I am not sure. The other one is President Keller! He walked into the meeting and everyone started whispering in excitement! I'll attach some of my notes.

We finally had a zone p-day this last week and I will send a bunch of pictures from it. It was super fun. Sister Parker organized stuff to make otai this drink made with watermelon, half and half, sugar, water, and canned shredded pineapple. It was soooo good. There were like four watermelons and you use a fork to dig into it and it shreds and juices it. Bomb.com.

"Watermelon helmets. Apparently it's a cricket thing." Elders Wagley,
Moe, Richardson, Owen and West
We spoke on Sunday on the restoration of Priesthood keys and it was an awesome topic to learn about. I used a lot from the teachings of the presidents! Thanks Dad for sending those references. I loved it and it helped me realize there is a lot of precious doctrine in those books. I will attach my talk outline. Elder West did a great job and told everyone to sing Oklahoma when we come to their door. We took the whole sacrament meeting.

Preston, way to go on paying off the truck dude! Take good care of it. I might need to take it for one or two joy rides just for good ole times sake.

Way to go at killing it at laser tag Becca. Your face picture cracked me up!

There is a temple open house coming up here in Star Valley and we have been flooding our area with invitations that have been given to all the stakes here. We have found a new investigator from it! There was a lady we met who when the missionaries came by last she was going into labor and having contractions. She wants to be baptized. We had one really awesome investigator at church. He is the one with the sweet van.

I hope you have another great week. Drink a lot of water and chew gum at seminary Preston. It will change your life.

Elders Owen and West
"This sweet van belongs to our investigator and it still runs!!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Going Back to Green River Was Weird!"

On exchanges with Elder Manning
I am not sad about you going on vacation!  That looked like an awesome family reunion and I am glad everyone had fun! I have been eating the banana bread every morning.  Elder West isn't a banana bread fan, but he has had some too! I love you all a lot, but I have had dreams of being with the family and everything as if my mission finished where it was, and it is an awful feeling. It feels empty, sad and there is a ton of regret! I don't want to be home until I FINISH my time here. Evanston, Wyoming is exactly where I want to be right now! You aren't distracting me; I have loved all the pictures and videos! 

Something good to send in the package might be a suit! My blue one is toast! If you don't feel comfortable buying one and sending one I can find one I am sure!

Tell the Murnan punks that I miss them! Tell Ryan and Bekah I am praying for them. In the picture of her and Norah, Bekah looks like she has lost sleep due to worry. It must be really hard. 

I can't wait to hug you all! It will come soon enough! 

Going back to Green River was weird! It all felt the same and it’s the same time of year that I was there… like almost exactly when I got there on exchanges. There was something ironic in it that made me think a lot in retrospect about my mission so far. I went by and saw a family that I knew because we had baptized their daughter last summer! She is still going to church every week and hopefully her little brother will be going with her too. I gave him a hard time about not going. The rule for her was that she had to be going to church for a year before she could be baptized and the same rule applied for him. We saw a few other people throughout the day there - it was awesome! Elder Manning is still a stud.

Sorry the letter is short this week - I am having a hard time sending pictures and videos... I'll catch ya next week!


Elder Moe

P-Day pizza lunch while writing letters.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

"I Hit My Year Mark"

Missionary Leadership Conference
Dear family!
This week has been crazy and very reflective because I hit my year mark.... That seems unreal. We have had a lot of miracles in our area. Our strongest thing has been finding. We have been bold and fearless on the streets and we are meeting some prepared people. We were in these trailers and we walked up on a bunch of kids that were practicing for a Quincinera (probably didn't spell that right). Elder West knew one of them from the Spanish branch and Kaden, this awesome YSA kid that was with us, knew one of them from somewhere else. Kaden was saying how this kid named Jose that was there was fast and that we should race. He finally said he would race us and we did.  Elder West got first, I got second and Jose got third - That wasn't the miracle. After we said bye to them and stuff, we were walking to the car and Jose came up to us and said, “Hey guys, can I ask you a question?” He said, “I have been thinking of becoming a Mormon.” That's like the best question ever! Hahah We taught him there about baptism and promised him that this will be one of the best decisions he would make in his entire life because he would be cleansed from his sins and make promises with God. We invited him to be baptized on the 20th of August and he said he would! We passed him off to the other Evanston Elders and they said that he came to church and is super solid. Moral of the story… Beat people in footraces and they wanna get baptized. Jk, real moral... God is in charge of this work! All we need for a successful mission is diligence, obedience and faith.

Here is some stuff from my journal!

August 3, 2016 Wednesday 8:17 AM

Right now we are at the AP's (Assistants to the President) apartment staying here for MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference). It is huge and soooo nice. It's super cool being back with my last two companions; Elder Soelberg seems super happy and so does Elder Nelson! They are both great assistants and I love them a lot. It's cool just being together working out and joking just like we used to! I just realized that Elder Soelberg reminds me a lot of my dad in the way he looks. He has the same silly smile and the blonde hair like when he was younger. He even has a fake tooth!

August 2, 2016 Tuesday 9:36 PM
"Dogs on a roof"
We had some amazing stuff happen today! We went to visit a family that I had a prompting to stop by and see. We had driven by and saw them outside and decided to turn around. At the door, he told us that he was glad that we came by now because his family is ready. We set up a return appointment and it was sweet! We found another guy that when we taught him said that he had been searching for the right religion. He was wearing pajama pants and he didn't have a shirt on. It was awesome! He accepted the invitation to be baptized!

August 6, 2016 Saturday 8:14
Oh my. I have been out on my mission for a year. I am almost half way. Oh my. I can't believe it. This past year has probably been the most amazing growing experience of my life. I have seen a huge change not just in my behavior, but in my nature. I can't believe I have been out a year. I am here in Wyoming and it just feels like last week that I was an hour and a half up the road in Green River with Elder Berry and Elder Thomas. Everyone says the second year goes by faster and I hope they are all dirty rotten liars. I have known I wanted to serve a mission for my entire life. I have looked forward to this for ALL OF MY LIFE. Here I am a year in, not even comprehending what this next year will bring me. I need to set goals and make plans to have this be the best year of my life yet. I want this to be a year serving with all of my heart, might, mind and strength. I want to give it everything EVERYTHING. I want to quadruple the progress I have made. I will do it.

#1 & #2 Read Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon all the way through
every quarter.
#3 Have humility as a natural tendency.

Oh yeah, last night I had a nightmare. I thought there was a rat in my bed or something and woke up yelling and freaking out. I asked Elder West to turn on the lights, and of course after shaking my sheets, nothing was in my bed.

One more thing, we had an absolutely amazing MLC! (Missionary Leadership Conference)

Elder Moe

"Sister Training Leaders!  Look carefully behind them in the window" ;)
"Amazingly Graceful Elder Moe" (if you can't see 
the video, click on the link)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Forgot How Much I Loved Wyoming!"

Elder West & Elder Moe
Ok, so the response to your questions will be most of my letter!!

Dear Family,

Evanston is amazing! I forgot how much I loved Wyoming! I remember there was this guy in Green River that had the Wyoming flag tattooed on his arm and I thought it was kinda crazy but it makes since now.  (: LOL  (getting tattoos is still dumb) Elder West is awesome! He was born in England but grew up in Perth Australia! It is the most isolated city in the entire world! He said it is about the same size as Salt Lake! He says really funny things like "shops" for grocery store, trolley for shopping cart, zedd for the letter z, bugga for bugs and so on and so forth!

"This is Wyoming district A.  Elder Lolofie is the one making the face! He is from OKC! He is so cool! Next to him is Elder Wilkins. He is brand new from Missouri. He grew up on a farm and reminds me of Dallas Carroll a lot. He did track too! Elder Richardson is next to him. I don't know him too well. He put up his key indicators in math jokes. Sister Lawson of course next to him! You know her. She informed me that Elder Murdock is about to go home! Elder Wagley is next and from from Minnesota. He is brand new as well- Pretty soft spoken and looks like Clark Kent in person. Sister Simpson is from Missisipi or Tenesse. I don't remember but she has a thick accent! Elder Owen is next to her and he is our District leader. He is awesome! Solid missionary we see him a lot because he covers the south side of Evanston. Elder Bothers is brand new as well! He reminds me of jimmy Neutron. He is super smart and cool kid!  The senior couple is awesome I just don't know them super well yet."

The zone is good sized. In the valley, they have consolidated a ton of areas and put three zones together. In Wyoming, we split Lyman and got another area 😊😊 ~ Rock Springs, Lyman, Mountain View, Green River, Pinedale and a few other little towns. Sorry I don't have enough time to look them up. 

"I'm pretty tall...  Elder Manning came with me to WY
and is in my greenie area!"
We cover 5 wards. We used to cover the Spanish branch but we just switched it to the other Evanston elders. We cover the YSA here too! I am not sure what our address is yet! I will let you know if there is anything I need next week. Sorry short on time. We live in an apartment where missionaries have lived for 15 years. We do have a washer and dryer and we drive a 2016 Nissan Rouge. Elder West was already here with Elder Baumbac before the transfer!  Sorry, I will do better next week! I know the gospel is true! And Jesus loves you!

Love,  Elder Moe

"This kid is awesome! He is 11 years old and super cool!  I confirmed him on Sunday!"
"This is Colton (Grayson's brother)! He reminds me of Dallin Moe!!" lol
"This dude got a killa shiner. His family are recent converts! The handle went straight into his face and you could see the perfect circle."

"This is a great idea (kid sleeping on the couch)! He was like that and snoring for all of church."

"We weren't ready."