Wednesday, July 27, 2016


"When you're stressed and you know it..."
I AM GOING BACK TO WYOMING!!!! Elder Soelberg is gonna be the new assistant with Elder Nelson and I am gonna be ZL (zone leader) in Evanston with Elder West from Australia. HAHAHA!!!! Whooooooo! I am so stoked! It is gonna be awesome and I know Elder West a bit and he is super cool! I might even go on exchanges in Green River too!!!!

Dear Family! 
I love you! I feel like I say that in every letter, but it is so true. This week has been a great one for me. Since we found out that we were both leaving, it has been pretty nostalgic. Don't worry, you can be diligent and nostalgic at the same time! Don't get the wrong idea. I have spent a quarter of my mission here in this stake and I have grown to love it. I feel like people have the wrong idea of YSA (young single adults). I definitely did. I know that it is an inspired program of the church. It's a group of young people that are trying to figure out their lives that can come together and be one big family for each other. For anyone who is trying to decide if they want to go to a YSA Ward or not, do it! It'll be different and may take some time to adjust, sacrament meeting is gonna be silent, but you will grow AND love it. 

"The Dinner Cycle with the High Council & Sisters"
P-Moe, It was good to hear that you had a life changing experience at EFY. I remember when I had a similar experience at Philmont, and I promised my Father in Heaven that I wouldn't let him down and was willing to sacrifice everything to follow his Son - Always remember.

Shout out to the coolest girl I know! Becca, Happy Birthday!! You are da coolest! (Preston pull out the punching gloves from the dress up box, Becca is getting more and more beautiful). Mom, I love you and will make sure to answer all of your questions next week! You are gonna be proud of me when I come home; I feel like a lot of the lessons you have been trying to teach me are finally sinking in.

Dad, it's cool to see you have had a mighty change of heart and want to read the Book of Mormon fast. There is someone in our area named Brother Serrano. He has amazing stories and spent some of his childhood in Mexico. He asked Elder Anderson, a seventy that visited his mission (not Neil L.), what was the most important thing he could do?  After Elder Anderson warned him that if he told him he would have to do it, he said, "read the Book of Mormon every month all the way through for the rest of your mission." Brother Serrano had to wake up earlier than normal every morning to read, but he did it every month.

Love you all,

Elder Moe!!!
More of the Dinner Cycle. "The dinner cycle goes through
each ward per week and then the last week of the transfer
we eat with the High Council. The cut outs are one of the families
kids that are on missions.  They have two out at the same time."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

THE BOOK OF MORMON: "We Need to be Reading It Daily"

"Preston Street!  I am on exchanges with
Elder Bermudez!"
Dear Family!

I did have a great week! We have some crazy amazing things happening here. Things are starting to work and I am feeling like I am starting to figure things out! I love what sister Gay said when they came and spoke to our mission. "The biggest thing I learned on my mission is that I still have a lot to learn." How true is that!!

The huge theme for me this week has been THE BOOK OF MORMON. That really should be a life theme but I feel like my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been growing in leaps and bounds! I am very grateful for Brother Lykins who encouraged me to memorize what Joseph Smith said about the Book of Mormon in the introduction: “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book." I know that this is so true. Preach My Gospel says that the Book of Mormon is our most valuable tool for conversion! I love that.

We had quite a few experiences this week with investigators and less actives we are working with that are going along with the Book of Mormon. We are doing all we can to make sure that that is becoming a constant and daily thing for them! Every single less active we meet and talk to, when asked if they have been reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily they tell us no. As the keystone of our religion and the powerful testimony that it bears of the One who should be cornerstone in our lives, we need to be reading it daily!

We were asked to teach a Sunday School class and forgot about it until Ward Council that morning at 8 AM...  We spent about an hour preparing and it was on the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis. We discussed what led to their conversion and what things reflected their conversion. They are one of the most converted people we read about in the Book of Mormon because they were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING because of the mighty change that was brought about in their hearts!

This email was kind of all over the place sorry! I love you guys!

Elder Moe
"I made a transfer journal finally."
"I thought this was great placement for a sunflower."
"Cafe Rio!! Elder Soelberg found a Serrano pepper in his salad.
Like a fresh uncooked Serrano pepper...  I ate one half and
Elder Manning ate the other.  It was funny!  I finished my
food really fast!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


More pictures from the 4th 
Dear Family,

I wanna share some cool miracles from the week! So we have been working with this less active RM (returned missionary) named Dave! We have been visiting with him for a few months now on and off. We always have a super powerful lesson, and he commits to coming to church almost every time and then doesn't show. We had someone in the Ward that knows Dave from like 8th grade named Mason! He is super funny and one of those super solid member missionaries. He became friends with Jonathan Wessel when he was still here.

We had been trying to get Mason to come with us when we taught Dave a lesson, but every time something wouldn't work out. One day, when we tried to see Dave with Mason, he told us that he was about to be called as the EQP (Elders Quorum President) and he needed counselors. The name that came to his mind as he prayed was Dave! After he told us that, we tried a few more times to get him there when we met with Dave, but we couldn't make it happen! We talked to him after a few failed attempts, and weeks later, he said that he was about to just go ahead and call someone else, but then the guy he was about to call, up and moved like really last second, so he took that as his answer that Dave was the one.

"Festivals go on here every Friday night.  It was fun and
we talked to a lot of people."
We went by Dave's this last week and he was home, so we stopped to say hi and he was excited to see us! He said he had a dream last night that we came to his house but that he couldn't answer the door in the dream, but anyway, he said he was actually expecting us. We asked if we could text Mason and invite him over once we had sat down and stuff and he said, “yeah, that'd be great!” We texted Mason pretty much like, "WE'RE IN! WE'RE IN! Dave said you could come on over!" Hahah, He came and we shared a thought and Mason extended the call and Dave said yes! It was such a cool experience!

"I love this picture."
After the lesson, Mason told us that he had driven by today, saw the apartments and had a feeling that today was the day! So the next day, Sunday, Dave was at church!!! We asked him about how he felt and he said he felt good. He said, "I feel normal like this is where I am supposed to be!" It was such a cool experience! I can't wait until he gets set apart! 

Sorry it's kinda short today! I love you all! You are amazing! Work hard and put your faith in your Savior Jesus Christ.


Elder Moe

Elders Moe, Soelberg, John & Manning

Thursday, July 7, 2016

"The Switch Happened!"

July 4, 2016

Dear Family,

“Woah woah woahhhhhhh oh yeahhh-ahhh-ahhhhu haaa.” That’s the begging of 30 Pieces of Silver by Afa Garragain. It's stuck in my head. So this week was super good. We met President and Sister Hillier and that's what most of this letter will be about! They are awesome!  For my impression of them, see the attached picture below.

"My impression of President & Sister Hillier"
Monday we got a few e-mails from the Eberhardts and had a normal p-day. They asked all of us to wear our mission shirts. It was pretty cool. On Tuesday morning the switch happened! We went on exchanges with the Assistants Tuesday evening to help with the Swahili area, and Elder Thompson told me about the switch and everything and how exited he was. Wednesday we met with them! We had three zones combined come to the Holladay Stake Center to meet them. Sister Hillier actually spoke for most of the time. They did a slideshow of their family so we could get to know them a little better and then they had all of us meet them by companionship as we went into the chapel. Sister Hillier is super outgoing and friendly and President is more quiet but he is really loving! We met their son that is a RM (returned missionary) going to BYU and their 17 year old son who is going to finish his senior year here in SL. They both gave short talks and it was funny because the 17 year old son kept having to correct himself for saying "you guys." He looked back at his parents and said, “they told me I was supposed to say "Elders and Sisters" not "you guys."” President got up and talked to us about the power of the Book of Mormon and used segments from the training for new mission presidents (you should watch that by the way, it's so good!). He also told us that the spirit would "quicken our relationship." It is so true and I have felt it already. I have so much love for the Hilliers and I am exited that my Heavenly Father has sent me to them. 
Volunteering at the Fourth of July Breakfast at the Millcreek
Lion's Club event.

Here are some journal entries:

July 1, 2016
We met President Hillier and he is awesome. He told a story of when he was on a speaking assignment with Elder Bednar. At the end of his talk he gave an apostolic blessing upon everyone there. After his talk and the closing prayer, he stood up after a few minutes and went to the stand and revoked the blessing because of the irreverence in the chapel.

June 29, 2016 8:38 AM
This morning I think I just heard the voice of Grandma Venable. I was falling asleep during study (NOT GOOD) and I heard "Brinton." It sounded like Grandma but a little different. More sharp. She was keeping me in line.

Elder Moe