Sunday, September 13, 2015

Every Second Counts

Dear Family,

 I love the videos and stuff! Preston, send videos of the new songs you are learning! I am super exited for quarter black!  Wouldn't it be quarter white though? That's insane that sister Peterson is going home...  

That and the experience in Skiatook are what me and my companion are going through. That is gonna be the hardest part of the mission for sure. Going home. Seeing Elder Berry in his last transfer is making it real to me that time here is so limited. It is so short and will be gone before I know it. It really motivates me to make every second count, reach out to everyone around me, testify of Christ and his gospel to everyone.  I want to look back and have no regrets and so I am really working hard on the Christlike attribute of diligence.  

I am finding that planning is critical if I want to make the most of my time.  We have been working on that a lot as a companionship, and the days are going so much better. It has been really cool to see that if we follow "Preach My Gospel," all of our activities are focused on the families and individuals we are teaching.  At the beginning of this transfer, during morning studies, I would study for myself, just searching for anything in the scriptures. I have changed, and my morning studies are so much more meaningful as I study for others; searching for things that I can learn to help others come closer to Christ. I study with the question, "what can I learn that will help________ be happier, find peace and joy?" The great thing is that I learn SO much more as I do this as well. It is a win win situation! 

That is so awesome Elder Bednar is coming! That is gonna be so cool!! Take a lot of notes! Don't focus so hard on trying to right down every quote that you like or everything that he said. Write down what the spirit teaches you. Write down what you feel. The title "Elder" is something I don't completely understand yet, but I think that it has a lot of significance. I am honored to be "Elder Moe." It is the same title that the apostles hold, and we are both called to testify of Jesus Christ.

I will try to be better about sharing more experiences and stuff like that. Sorry, I am still working on this 100$ letter thing.

Love you guys,

Elder Moe

Manila, UT
"The beautiful Wyoming landscape"

We burn through the miles when we come out here to Manila and McKennon.

"This is PopTart.  He loves me."
"Deer family"

"Backing up with Elder Freebairn featuring Vocal Point" :)

Primary in McKennon

Wyoming zone

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