Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Interview Week

Hello family!, 

I am so sorry I always run short on time. Here is my letter to prez.

Dear President,

Thank you so much for all that you do president! I know I say that in like every letter but I really mean it. Thank you so much for coming up here with Sister Eberhardt for our interviews. It was great to see you guys! It was a huge boost to my week. This has been a crazy/good week. Having Elder Valdez here was so fun! He is an amazing Elder and taught Elder Thomas and I a lot! He is diligent and focused and obedient and I really enjoyed the experience.

The Christlike attributes I am working on this week are Faith and charity. Faith is something that I always can improve on. With Elder Valdez's example, I want to have the faith to open my mouth more. I want to tell everyone I talk to about the gospel. I need to have the faith to know that if I open my mouth that the spirit will tell me what to say. Even if I don't say it right the first time, as I do it more and more, my fear can be displaced by faith. Charity is something that I am seeing improvement on, but I still need work. I have been praying to have charity and to see people's hearts like God sees them, and I can see myself slowly start to change. With some people, the spirit shows me for a brief moment who they really are and it is amazing. I get a small taste of Gods love for them and I am able to testify that to them.
"The legendary Wyoming Zone"

Miracles this week have been really cool. We got a call one day that a family in our ward had a foreign exchange student who wanted to talk to us. We went and met her and she was really nice and from Spain. English was her second language but she understood most of what we said. We taught the entire first discussion and then invited her to read from the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it was true. She told us that she had already prayed and she felt a burning feeling in her chest and she didn't know what it was. She actually said it kind of scared her because she didn't know what was going on! I know the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel.

Elder Moe

I love you guys and hope you are doing great. The fair looked way fun this year. Last year I was afraid we were all going to get Ebola and die. Ha! I am sorry that I am super lame this week, but hopefully there is something in Presidents letter you can take out and put in my blog. Take care of my rocks. Get a jar to put them in. I will send a small box home once a transfer.  I love you guys so much.

Elder Moe 

"Apartment cleanup"

"My coat and sick WY hat"

"My Friend, Double Stuff"

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