Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Friends Forever After the Mission"

Moe & McKee
July 10, 2017

Did I tell you I ran into the Glews? It’s Rachel Glew's grandparents. Kinda funny. I run into people everywhere its pretty cool. I saw one of Blake Nippers companions from Taiwan. Bishop Jensons son was getting home from his mission there and I got to talk to him about Blake and stuff. His last name was Rosenhans or something like that. The funny thing about it all is that while he was on his mission Elder Gill and I had a family intervention lesson thing at their house while serving in the Murray South Stake. I remembered where his house was and we put it all together when I asked, "Do you have a harp in your living room?" He was like, "Yeah I do!!" Funny the things that happen on the mission.

This Sunday there was also a mission President coming home in our stake from the Morristown New Jersey Mission. It was crazy because all the missionaries that live in the area came to see their mission president and wife speak. There were over 500 people at the sacrament meeting and they all got up and sang "Well Bring the World His Truth." It was amazing to see, and cool to think about this group of people in this mission that I will always have a connection with. President Hillier talks about our relationship in the pre existence. He says we will be friends forever after the mission and I know its true. Before I came out, I remember hearing that the missionary isn't called to a mission, but to a mission President. It has to be one of the hardest and most rewarding callings in the church.

Raquel is still planning on getting baptized and we are looking for a place still! We found some new investigators this week that were total miracles. We taught a first lesson in t-shirt and jeans after some service, and she came to church this week. We stopped in at a member’s home and their non-member daughter-in-law was happy to talk and set up a lesson. We showed up last week at a man’s house who prayed for the 2nd time of his life that day, and then on his low, low, low point this week, we felt impressed to go by again. We talked to him on his porch as a thunderstorm rolled in and he poured his heart out to us.

This week we had MLC and I thought it was my last one, but luckily I have one more left. I didn't feel as spiritually prepared as I should have been, so I was grateful when I got there and found out. One of the biggest and most constant things President Hillier reminds us of is what a council is and how to have a council. I have a whole list of scriptures marked that he has shared multiple times as new leadership is called. I always take something new out of it. I remember hearing Elder Ballard's talks on councils that he gave 2 weeks in a row, and I didn't realize how important it was.

I love you.

Elder Moe

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