Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"I Got Double Dipped!"

Elders Larson, Rawcliffe, Moe and McKee
July 24, 2017

Hey Family, 
Amazing, amazing week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!!!!!!

This week has been the busiest in my entire life to date. We have a new missionary companion now, Elder Parnes. Elder Bade, his companion, had to return home for some health reasons this Friday morning. We showed up at 8:00 AM to meet President and we ran out the door that morning so fast that I forgot to grab a belt. It was sad to see Elder Bade go early. He IS a great missionary and I was so impressed with his positive attitude about it all! I had the opportunity to serve around him up in Zion (Evanston) and we had so much fun.

The apartment was a bit cluttered (HAHAH) so we cleaned it up that morning and got Elder Parnes packed in the car. Our phone wasn't working this morning, and after talking in the office with the ATT guy, the 3g technology is going out of date. The whole mission is having issues with the phones; that was a fun problem to have on the day of a new area and the day of a baptism. We were working with our phone and Elder Parnes's phone to try and coordinate things. We were able to juggle things and get to district meeting on time. We had to have everything prepped before district meeting because it’s now at three. We went straight from that to dinner, then to the church to fit Raquel in a baptismal jumpsuit, and then roll out to East Canyon at 6:20!

The baptism was absolutely amazing! This week she was able to quit smoking. She had quit before but said this time it felt different. We taught a lesson with President about tithing that was super good and we had a really powerful lesson on temple work and family history. The weather was perfect, and even with it being a holiday (Pioneer Day) weekend, it wasn't crowded. The group from the ward and her friends got there before she did, so we stood out on the peninsula and watched for her to come through the canyon. Elder Rawcliffe was there and he played the violin while Brother Smith played the guitar for the opening and closing songs. The water was warm and she had to go down twice because her foot came up the first time. She said, "I got double dipped!!" It was probably one of the most beautiful days of my entire life and one I will remember forever.
"Because she can't give a real hug, haha"
We also had some exchanges this week and I went with Elder Larson this time. While we were downtown, we put together that the first time I met him was when he was Chase Larson, family friends with the Biorns in Cibolo, TX. We were putting things together that he was there for part of our trip to visit the Biorns that one summer. We remembered when he got hit in the throat with a pole while playing waterballon baseball, when I put Dallin’s athletic cup on my face because I thought it was a nose guard, and when he brought over a video game that the cousins weren't allowed to play. He always wore a Manu Ginobli Spurs jersey on p-day activities, so I don't know how we didn't put it together sooner...

Here are the sick picks!
Elders Larson, Rawcliffe, Moe & McKee

"Bro. Smith and Elder Rawclliffe playing the opening song."
"A little pop up tent that the Elders Quorm brought. It was the changing station."
"Taco burgers with the Butchers!! So good!!"

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