Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"The Trio is No More"

Elders Dubbeld, Moe and Archer
Hellooooooo Family!!!

So first of all, the trio is no more. Elder Dubbeld's visa came in so we packed him yesterday and he left at like 3:40 this morning.  Boy am I tired.  I sent him off to Trinidad with a tie for Elder Hagood. I hope he sees him there!

President Johnson, the soon to be Mission President for the Washinton D.C. North Mission, is so awesome! He always has a huge smile on his face and is loving to everyone. He is going to be an amazing Mission President. We went out on what is called “Finding Night.” It is something the Stake does every week.  We went out and talked to a bunch of people and knocked some doors. We
Pretty nice ride for going on splits!
had a great time and he told me a little about his mission. He came with us after to the apartment and planned with us. It is part of his training and he is reporting our names and how it went to Quentin L Cook. Wowzaz.

The Worldwide Missionary Conference was amazing. It was so cool to see the Apostles in person, but it felt more normal than I thought it would. They carry the title Elder and they said that we are their companions. They are humble but powerful men of God that are called to do His work. I really did look for Dallin and thought for sure that he would be there. God taught me a lesson that I need to stay focused and worry about the important things. If He wanted me to see Dallin I would of and I should have accepted that before the conference. 
Brinton ran into Spencer Largent, from his home stake, on the way
to the Worldwide Missionary Conference!  Elder Largent is serving
in Salt Lake City as well.  Two fine representatives of the Savior
and the great Okie state ;)

Mom I think it is so cool that you go out with the missionaries. If I truly understood how much that meant and how much it is appreciated, I would have done it so much more than I did before the mission.

Sorry I don't have much time to tell you about everything that happened this week. I am definitely going to be writing in my journal more; it makes this a lot easier.  I love you all!


Elder Moe

Elder Largent and Moe

Worldwide Missionary Conference

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