Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Dang! That Kid Looks Just Like Gilbert Warner!"

Elder Moe & childhood friend, Gill Warner
Dear Fam,

This week was pretty awesome! Thank you so much for all your letters and pictures. So yes, we went to the Warners and ate dinner with them! It was crazy awesome! But to rewind a bit I guess, I have been making quite a few connections lately. Being in YSA has a lot to do with it. So before a sacrament meeting, I ran into a kid named Lars that served around Jonathan Moe! That was pretty fun and I realized that I hadn't seen him in like forever and Lars told me that he was studying abroad in Jerusalem right now I think. But after that, we were standing outside a sacrament meeting and there were four guys all trying to sit on this couch in the foyer. A kid in the ward wanted to take a picture with the guys on the couch, so I remember looking and I think at that point I just thought someone had looked familiar. (That happens a ton by the way, you meet so many new people and see so many faces.  I have seen people that I could promise I know and then talk to them and I have never even met them before.) But anyway, we were still in the foyer and I had looked over there a few more times and then I looked a little closer and I was like "Dang! That kid looks just like Gilbert Warner." Then it hit me... Wait... So I looked again and he was realizing the same thing at the same time. The light bulb came on for both of us at the same time. He jumped off the couch and was like ELDER MOE!
Elder Moe & Elder Pau'u with the Warners!
And I was like NO WAY!!! Then someone stepped out gave us a dirty look and shut the doors to the chapel. We just caught up for a bit and then we ended up stopping by there for dinner. They were our first dinner of the night. We ended up having 2 more... But it was super awesome! Shoot me The Gelwix's address too because I am pretty sure they live in our area or zone as well. 

Preston, we all have to pull a Brandon Conrad every once in a while. Speaking of that, is my hair (that I taped to the wall) and mine and Stephen’s race tallies still on the wall at track? I’m glad you are keeping the party alive in Owasso! Try to include everyone you can when you are doing stuff. Send some pole-vaulting videos too bro! 

Becca, this is what I say when people ask how many siblings I have: "I have a little brother that is 16 and a little sister that is 13 and she is more mature than both of us." Fo real though, you are one of the funniest people I know. You have a personality where just videos of you talking are funny. We have an Olan Rodgers (Ghost in the Stalls) in the making. 
Dad, send some more of the warehouse and your “plastic hoodie” and all the fun stuff with the business! People ask what you do for work and it's awesome being able to talk about how fun it is building this business. Send some videos of the zone activity! I love hearing about all the work and progress that is going on. I can't wait to be able to come back and help some more with it. You are going to be screen-printing pros.

Mom, I love you so much and I just know how happy it makes you when you get pictures and videos from people!  I learned so much from you and I’m glad I did because I see a ton of Elders who haven't learned how to clean, be responsible or be polite and kind.


Elder Moe

Met Lars who knows my cousin Jonathan
"No comment needed"
"This guy is retired and one day he was walking down the road jamming to music and kinda bouncing in his step and someone told him he should dance, so he did!  He's been dancing on street corners ever since.  He just does it for fun and exercise.  People honk and wave and a ton of people know him now!"

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