Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Transfer & "Trying to figure out how to do missionary work in the YSA Stake"


To answer some of your questions - Elder Pau’u and I are serving in the Olympus Zone in the Holliday YSA (Young Single Adult) Stake. We cover five wards: East Millcreek, Mount Olympus, Holliday, Wilford and Canyon Rim. It goes from 2700 to 6200, then from Highland to the top of the mountain. We live in a pretty nice apartment and drive a Volkswagen Jetta (there are only 2 in the mission) - It's pretty sweet.  Elder Pau’u is Tongan but he grew up in Southern California so all the Polynesian Sisters tease him and call him Plastic because he’s really Americanized - They say "yo, Plastic!"

He has really been helping motivate me to actually work out in the morning, which has been super good! I am getting back into shape and am trying to develop more self-motivation. I’m taking thirty minutes everyday to read through the Book of Mormon out loud in Spanish. I’ve set a goal, and am trying to keep motivated in doing something that’s not easy long term. It’s one of my weaknesses that Heavenly Father has shown me and that is how I am working to overcome it.

It has been interesting trying to figure out how to do missionary work here in the YSA Stake, but I feel like I am learning quicker than before. Your social skills have to be a ton better than anywhere else I’ve been and I am really working on that right now. It’s really pushing me out of my comfort zone. I feel like I can get along with adults better than with kids around my age and that’s what I have been doing most of my mission, talking to adults. It’s an adjustment that I need a ton of my Heavenly Father’s help with, which is super good.

In my studies, I have been looking a lot into diligence. Christ's example of diligence is amazing. After performing the Atonement, the hardest most excruciating feat in the history of the universe, he didn't rest; He didn't take a day off, he didn't sit back. He did the exact same work that He had done on earth, the salvation of mankind. He labored in the spirit world teaching the spirits in spirit prison. He organized the way for those spirits to be taught and saved by the Atonement He had just preformed. If He didn't take a break, after all that He did, why do I think I would ever be entitled to one. He inspires me on those days when I am dead tired and don't want to do anything. I can find strength through Him and because of Him. Look up the talk by Henry B. Eyring, Act In All Diligence. (This is the link)

I ran into this guy we used to know as “Elder Baxter” in one of the YSA wards.  He used to serve in the Ranch Creek Ward in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.  I’ll send a picture!

Love you so much!

Elder Moe

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