Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Conference Was Amazing As Always!

Reunited and it feels so good!
Cousins Elder Moe & Biorn
Dear Family,
The hardest part of writing home most times is knowing how to start your letter. I guess this works... I'm glad everyone in Owasso is safe! That Indian blessing must be wearing off ;) It was super funny to see the difference in the reaction between Baird and you guys to seeing the tornado.
Preston and Dad: Let's take a selfi!
Baird: That's a tornado... *proceeds to deuce his pants and hide in the closet*
I love it! Speaking of the Bairds!... I made a connection with one of Zach's mission companions the other day. His name is James Pike and he is a stud! 

This week was Trent's baptism! I didn't have to give a last second Holy Ghost talk, which was good. He was wanting to get baptized up in a lake in Park City. Some people were pretty glad it snowed that day, so he decided against it. 

"It was good to see everyone again."
Conference was amazing as always! Henry B. Eyring started out super strong with his talk. To me, it was an example of what it means to bear down in pure testimony.  David L. Hallstrom’s talk, directed to the youth, was cool because I truly have seen those things that he talked about prepare me and carry me through that time in my life. He quoted Jeffery R. Holland and said, "You can have what you want or you can have something better." I know that is so true. We think we know what is best for us, especially as teenagers and young adults, but God has something better in store for us. We have to trust God to have what is best in this life.  

Kevin R. Duncan had a great story about a splinter that had skin grow over and caused a lump. It made me think of Dad and his little piece of glass in his toe. You should try what he did.  Mervin B. Arnold gave an awesome talk about not delaying going to the rescue. It made me think of times in Priest and Teachers quorum that we talked about kids that used to come and didn't. Sadly, it was very rare that things were actually done to invite them to come back. Don't have that regret. DO NOT DELAY. Work in your Quorums and even groups of friends (even if it's people in BA and Jenks), invite people to your get together and bonfires and make them feel loved and wanted. Preston and Becca, this is the talk that you could really take and build yourselves on a rock from. 

Garret W. Gong confirmed an investigator for the Chinese Elders this week!

I love all of you.

Elder Moe

"This was on exchanges sort of.  It was a ward basketball
banquet thing."

"We went to temple square with Carlie.  She was probably the most
prepared investigator and the studliest recent convert ever."

"This was Williamson's mission president that he wanted
us to take a picture with.  Kinda random, but it was
super cooll!"
Pres. & Sis. Southward - "It was sooo great to hear their
southern accents!!  Oklahoma people are the best!!"

"I wrecked my shins trying to jump up on the stage. Enjoy
this delightful picture."

This cousin reunion was interrupted by "anti stuff."

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