Thursday, April 21, 2016

"He Accepted On The Condition That He Gets to Box With Us After...Pray For Me"

"It's supposed to be getting warm..."
Dear Family!
What a week! I love this mission. I feel like God is training and teaching me lessons about myself, what he wants me to be, how I can be more Christlike and how I can come closer to Him. I am learning about Him and more about myself that I ever could imagine. He wants me to teach it to the world. All that he has taught, and is teaching me, I need to show, say and be. That is what I feel this work is all about.

We have seen a ton of great miracles this week. Our investigator is doing soooo good! He did his first fast on Sunday and it was so good. He had fasted before, the longest for like 3 days. BUT he would drink juice to keep his blood sugar up. It was a new experience for him but he said that during it he felt more power in his prayers. It was more fulfilling. We are still meeting with him every week and he is getting so exited for his baptism this week. He even printed up invitations and was handing them out at church. We got a new WML (ward mission leader) for the Canyon Rim ward and he is a beast! Jonathan came over to their house for a lesson pretty last minute yesterday and I guess they had him stay for a movie night because we got a text from the new WML at like 9:20 (he went over at like 6) saying that he was still over there and they were going to have a movie night. It was so cool to see them welcome him so warmly. That’s what investigators need to feel.

Going back to fasting, we had a fast for the area this last week and towards the end of the fast we got another call from and member dating a nonmember that accepted the invitation to meet with us. Right after the fast we got a call from a member that has been trying to work up the courage to invite his friend, that has been going through a lot lately, to meet with us. He accepted on the condition that he gets to Box with us after. (Pray for me) We also got a text minutes later about someone in our area who had requested a Book of Mormon from - God hears and answers prayers and fasting is powerful.

Following up from last week, the phone call with Carlie's friend went pretty good. When we talked to Carlie about it, she was surprised how great it went because he didn't swear and was pretty polite. We are gonna call him again today.

Here is some of my journal stuff:

April 12, 2016 6:57 AM Tuesday
Yesterday was p day. We are preforming in a talent show for FHE and we are doing it with Ian. He is the less active kid that is SUPER good at guitar. He is a genius. We are doing "How Deep the Fathers Love for Us" and it sounds super good. We thought the talent show was going to be yesterday but it got rescheduled sadly... So we were like trying to practice last minute but it's not until the 25th. We had an awesome dodgeball FHE activity though! It was super sweet. There was this girl there that was bugging me about talking in a southern accent. EVERYONE expects me to have an accent being from Oklahoma. We talk pretty normal there. I've decided that one of my areas I am just gonna talk like that from the get go because everyone expects me to already ;)

April 10, 2016 9:47 PM Sunday
Wow, so today we had four lessons with Jonathan. He used to work for a company that did wilderness rehab and he is a big primitive survival buff. He taught me today that you can eat dandelions. It was awesome! I probably ate like 17 of them. He has amazing comprehension skills and he says we are really just filling in holes. We are still planning on the 23 but there is stake conference so we are going to have to call the stake president.  Our first lesson we had today was after sacrament meeting and this bearded guy (he has a legit beard) came with us and he is gonna be the perfect fellowshipper. The second lesson was at his house with his roommates. We had lunch and then a lesson. They are super cool by the way. One of them is our ward mission leader and he has kind of been slacking... He didn't even give him a copy of the Book of Mormon. His girlfriend did. He lives with three roommates that are LDS. The third lesson was at the Stephen's. When he found out that Stephen owned a gun and had his concealed carry they really hit it off. He works at a gun shop and LOVES guns. The fourth one was at his house again.

I love all of you. Whatever you are going through right now God knows. Look into your life and find a commandment you can live more fully so your Heavenly Father Can bless you more. He loves you.


Elder Moe

"Huge Dog"

"Orange Cat Looked Like the Adversary"

"We thought it was going to be nice today...but it doesn't...or it isn't...I told you I was tired."

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