Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Proposal

Elders Privado, Nelson, Potter, Moe and Shaffer
Dear Family,

Preston! Way to be stud! You are killing it at pole vaulting. I have a ton of brotherly pride right now. I showed Elder Bailey and Manning and Elder Nelson. The surprise on your face is priceless. Your form up top on that jump looked pretty perfect.

Becca! You are going to end up breaking Preston’s PR by the time you are a Junior. ;) You've gotta complete that pull up though. Your handshake with GreatGrandpa is flipping awesome! Be his best friend. He could teach you a ton. Now that I think of it, I think your wittiness comes from him!!
Mom! Sorry I didn't get to the package sooner... I think they just pushed the talent show off until next week but we will definitely record it. We will also send the video of the boxing match when it happens. Latin Brinton looks great.. haha

Elder Moe & Nelson - Olympus Zone Leaders
Dad! I have run into that on my mission and it is like night and day. I have had the opportunity to work with bishops and stake presidents that have been converted to the work and those that weren't. It doesn't stop the work, but it slows it down and makes it harder. I had a quote from a general authority before I reset my I pad that said that if missionary work is put first in a calling, every aspect of the calling will go better and smoother and will be guided by God. It is interesting to see that there are bishops that drag their feet when they receive council. I have seen the same thing with missionaries. This truly is a pattern for the rest of our lives.
"Jonathan's Baptism!"
So, this week for me has been awesome! So to explain the proposal video, our investigator at the end of the lesson, after being asked if he had anything he had been thinking about or had questions on said, "Should I propose to Marisa today or tomorrow?" (Today was Friday and tomorrow was his baptism) He decided to do it that day and so it happened! We had taken him on the roof of the conference center earlier in his teaching for a lesson, and he said "I am going to propose to Marisa up here." It was super cool! The girl in the video is Carlie! She has been helping with his lessons because she experienced a ton of opposition from her family like he did. 
In our lesson on Thursday, we had Jonathan and Carlie teach and Jonathan started out with a powerful testimony that the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon were directly from him. It was cool to see him stay strong in the face of so much opposition. 
"Me touching Angel Moroni..(with a glove on my finger of course)"
I have a few minutes and I don't know what to say. It probably means I need to ask a question because that’s what I have found it means when I am teaching lessons. What have you done TODAY to come closer to God? Not the things you may have done out of routine but the things you poured your heart and soul into.  This is a question that helps me in my missionary work.

Elder Moe

"This was us trying to role play..."

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