Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Are Staying!

WY Zone
Oct. 17, 2016

Hey family, I am alive! We are at the mission office so Elder Matuzaki could have his departing interview. We were driving during Email time so we will do it now!

So for transfers... Elder Douglass and I are both staying!!! We are so exited. There are a ton of changes happening; we have bunk beds in our apartment now. Elder Taylor brought us extra desks this last week and the beds. We should have two missionaries staying with us... we hope it is Elder Nadal or Elder Douglass's friends! 

No, I was the only one that ran down the mountain! Lol 

We are at the mission office and one of the Elders was talking, talking and talking... I am sorry I was trying to type and he was asking me a ton of questions. 

I love you so much! Today is crazy!


This is my favorite thing ever!!  Lol it is this wing challenge in Evanston that is RIDICULOUS. This is Cameron on the wall of shame. There are only 4 guys on the wall of flame. The wall of shame had Mario Ramirez on if if that tells you anything. Elder Matsuzaki couldn't do it and he has been in Spanish areas his entire mission. It's bad, it is so bad the people smiling had to have taken the picture like 30 min after they quit. I tried a tiny bit on my finger and the pain was unreal.

"It is so funny that everyone thinks stripling means buff... from the notion of narrowness, slimness.  Lol"

"We got our hair cut today. It was Mastuzakis final cut..."
"I hit my goal of 100 push-ups in 100 seconds!  I beat it by 11 seconds. Ohhhh yeahhhhh!"
"We took our basketball goal over to give to the Trammels!"

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