Monday, November 28, 2016

"Going to Miss the -20 Degree Weather"

Elder Moe & Douglass - Their last day as companions. Elder Moe is
leaving for parts unknown...until tomorrow when he finds out.
Nov. 28, 2016
Dear Family,

I hope you all are so exited for the Christmas initiative this year it is going to be so good. I really love that speaker you got me it is so nice when we show the holiday videos. (Every time I spell holiday I have to think about it now because I want to spell it Holladay)

It’s so crazy to see that Dallin and Brad are home! Have they changed a lot? I was telling President that I feel like I have grown the most in this area and with these companions. (Elder Moe is getting transferred, but didn't say where!?) I am going to miss the crud out of Elder Douglass. He is so awesome. I really have grown to love him! He is someone I will definitely hang out with after the mission.

"Mother Mae's! They make us cook our own food!"
This last Sunday we gave talks and taught a Gospel Essentials lesson; it was kinda crazy. That is one thing that is going to be weird about going home. Dad, I will just go with you to all the other church meetings when I get home. Our lesson was on service and we only had a few people there but it was awesome. Something that I shared is how much it means to us as missionaries when people are welcoming and kind when we bring investigators and less actives. That may seem like a little thing, but sometimes it can make or break people’s conversion. I am sure you already do, but please remember that. When you are doing the 25 days of service, or just want to do something awesome, call the missionaries and see if they have anyone you can do something for. That would make their lives, I promise.

The set up in the garage looks awesome! I forgot what the garage looked like...

"Meet Oscar"
It has been snowing like crazy here in Evanston. I like driving in the snow; you just have to drive slower and Ti-Wi never goes off. We had the window open the other night and I felt this cold wet stuff on my head; the next morning when I woke up, the wind was blowing like crazy and it was just pure white outside... I was like we are definitely in Wyoming. I am a little sad I am going to miss the -20 degree weather and the feet of snow, but I am sure Elder Douglass will enjoy it for me. We have to be down in Salt Lake at 4 today and it’s supposed to snow today even more. If we can make it across the Wyoming border, we should be fine though because they salt the roads.

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Her! He is this Hmong kid from California that is super cool. His brother served in the OTM (Oklahoma Tulsa Mission) and said he loved his mission and goes back all the time. That was a proud Oklahoman moment for me.

I love this gospel and this mission. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

"P-Day in Park City. Elder Bade and I went hiking up a mountain
 and it was kind of raining, so our clothes were in the dryer."
"Park City district meeting. Sister Antunes last one."
"I made a quiche for Thanksgiving breakfast."
Elder Moe & Elder Douglass - Elder Moe on his toes? What?!
He NEVER does that...
Elder Douglass, Zach, Berry and Elder Moe

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