Sunday, December 11, 2016

"I Am Starting to Learn Thai" and #LIGHTtheWORLD

Elder Moe & Frogley
Dec. 5, 2016
Hey Family!
I am now serving in the Murray Parkway Stake and we cover the Thai/Laotian Ward! It's so cool. I am starting to learn Thai because we do language study every morning. Phŏm rúu wâa pràad…Never mind, I don’t have time to finish that…Thai is hard.  Elder Frogley is my companion and he is awesome!  We came out together remember?  Church on Sunday was awesome. We have these devices that someone translates for us in the meeting. This Thai lady said that she thought I had Thai or Chinese in me because of my facial features. First she started to speak Thai to me and then she tried Chinese. She said I must be half and I didn't convince her that I wasn't. I didn't think I looked Asian at all... lol The boundaries for the Thai/Laotian ward that we cover are the whole valley... we will more than likely be traveling to Provo and up to Ogden a few times this transfer.

We cover 9 wards and it is kinda crazy. We are in what is called a stake focus area where we do most of our correlating and work with the Stake President and the High Councilor. We have a whole night where we correlate with our ward mission leaders and they all have a schedule and stay for a thirty minute time slot! Our Stake President was a mission president in Argentina and is so amazing.

The Thai Ward is amazing. These people have such powerful testimonies. This one lady got up and told of a time when she was sick, nearly to death, and she was worried because she hadn't "packed yet." It was funny how she put it, but I know that we always need to be packed and ready to go if it is our time or Christ comes again. We need to let go of grudges, keep commandments, read the scriptures, pray and forgive. I am grateful for this gospel that instructs us how to pack for that day and the opportunity I have to help others pack. 

So we are teaching this Thai guy named Jonathan! He is so awesome! He is preparing to get baptized the Sunday before Christmas and then confirmed on Christmas Day! We have translators that come and teach with us, which I love because it reminds you to teach simply. 
We have been to a ton of ward parties and we have been sooo stuffed with food lately. At one of the ward parties, someone had that evil Jelly Belly game where one flavor of the SAME COLOR tastes good and the other tastes awful.  A few kids in the ward and us, decided all to try a white one and almost all of us got SOUR MILK instead of coconut. IT WAS SO BAD. I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGH ANYTHING COULD TASTE THAT BAD!  We were all running to the door or the bathroom to spit it out and our breath reeked of sour milk. That game is messed up. 

To answer your question about Thanksgiving, it was awesome!  We ate with the Shidlers; it's who we slaughtered the cow with! Did I ever send you a picture of that?  The most important thing you can get me for Christmas is doing the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative! (Click on the hashtag link to learn more about it!) I sent a letter this week and it has some pass along cards in it. If you want more to give to people, ask the missionaries, they could help or you can print the calendar up online. Do the daily things of service and send me pictures for each of them! 


Elder Moe
"Mele Kalikimaka - As it's 30 degrees outside. Lol  We chopped down a Christmas tree this day.  It was sweet and kinda scary because it was like half a tree, not a whole tree, and it was in someone's back yard..."
"Zack got baptized back in Evanston!"

Elder Moe and Elder Nadal finally got to see each other!  They are from the same Stake back home and they both get to serve in the SLC East mission together.

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