Monday, December 26, 2016

"Like Cheese Radiation" and "FHOOOSHHHHH"

Dec. 19, 2016
This week was awesome!

This morning we went over to Bishop Walker's to work out. He took us out to eat the other night at his pizza place called "the blaze." The guy serving us I am pretty sure was blazed and he kept talking about putting so much cheese on that it was going to be a cheese nuke. "Like cheese radiation," and he was telling this to the owner of the restaurant. lol  But anyway, we were asking him some tips for working out and he told us all this stuff and so he showed us this morning and Elder Frogley and I were dying. His sons were about to go skiing and I was talking to one and he was like best friends with Barret Thompson and Neil Soelberg. It was so funny. He called Soelberg. They fed us French toast for breakfast.

To answer your questions about what I will be doing on Christmas - Preaching the gospel! We have dinner and stuff, Hitting the streets, Finding teaching and baptizing! Jonathan's confirmation will be on Sunday. Church will be a shorter ordeal because they are combining wards. We will visit Thai people probably! Not totally sure yet. It'll be a good day though!

I have gotten a ton of packages. A lot from Sams club and I got Grandmas Dora's stuff too! JalapeƱo Jelly and Cream Cheese! Mmmmmm Tell her I said thank you and I will send her a letter! Could you get her mailing address?

"Elder Archer and I got to be together again
on exchanges!"
Jonathan's baptism was so great! He actually went to the wrong building at first and so someone had to go get him. It was hectic. The hot water in that building is awful so we filled part of it with coolers of hot water that we walked down the hall with. They were having a relief society class in that room and all they hear is a "FHOOOSHHHHH" as we pour the water in from behind the dividers. It was awesome, they were cracking up laughing when one of the ladies told them what we were doing! There were Caucasian, Thai, and Korean people there. The man who gave his talk gave it in Thai and English which was cool. We had Kat (a RM in the ward) translate our testimonies. We asked her last minute and she was super scared at first. There were some times that she would forget what one of us would say and she would just kinda slowly turn and look at us and everyone would laugh. They kept her up there to translate from Thai to English and English to Thai.  Jonathan gave his testimony at the end and it was so powerful. He is such a prepared individual and it has been such an honor to work with him. I love what he said in his testimony about his sins being washed away. That is the beauty or "plainness" of the doctrine of Christ that I love so much. I know that Christ paid for our sins so that justice could be met and mercy could be given. All we have to do is agree and live the terms set by our Mediator.  I love the simplicity of Christ's gospel. 

We are teaching a ton in the Thai Ward now and the work is rolling forward. We taught a girl named Lek for the first time this week and it was cool. It was my first "real" Thai lesson because she came here a month ago and speaks no English. She is Kat's friend. I will talk to you Sunday! Think of some good questions and I will too! 

Love you!

Elder Moe

Elder Frogley & Moe

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