Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Rundown of the Christmas Weekend..."

Dec. 26, 2016

Dear Family,

So something I didn't do enough of yesterday while face timing was thank you for all the wonderful presents! I love the ties and the exercise ball. Elder Nelson used one for his normal chair while we were together and it was awesome. I am stoked to try the recipes. We have a ton of leftovers we are gonna have to finish first, but I cant wait! There are so many other things as well! The Kan Jam will be awesome today for p-day! I haven't had any of the snacks yet but they all look great. 

So for the rundown of the Christmas weekend...
Christmas Eve morning was cool because we got to help someone move. It was kinda a sad situation, and they had to move over Christmas, but it was super neat to help!  We were blessed with a lot of opportunities to serve, which was super cool! It's always a worry that no one will want to see you or you will feel like nobody wants to see you during holidays, but no, it was awesome. After the move, we changed and then went and taught Jonathan. It was super good to see them after his baptism! They had this big bamboo thing behind their Christmas tree and I asked what it was and they said sugar cane and then Grace pulled out this cleaver and chopped off a piece and cut it up. You just chew all the juice out and spit the actual piece out. It's pretty good and they gave us a piece to take home! They are awesome! He is learning so much!

We delivered some candy bags and treats to people. We drew a picture for Maddie and her sister. They are 10 and 8 and we are teaching Maddie. We were able to see them and share a quick message. That night after our Thai dinner, we went with a family that we were working with to the rougher parts of Salt Lake and gave out hygiene kits that they had put together to the homeless. It was super cool. They do it every Christmas Eve night and I think it is an awesome tradition! We would like run out and hand it to them. The last stop of the night was this awesome Spanish family. They read the story out of Luke 2 and had a quick devotional - everyone was speaking Spanish, it was so cool. There was a lot of food that night and we sang some Spanish hymns- "Noche de luz, Noche de paz." At the end they gave us a ton of gifts that they got from the stake and family members of the Vials. It was so cool, we had a trash bag full of gifts. They sang to us and I almost cried it was so nice. 

Christmas Day was sick! A lot of church. We saw a guy in our area that we have been trying to get ahold of. We just sang at his door until he opened. It was funny! After dinner, we went over to the Walkers. Bishop’s son knows Neal Soelberg and Baret Thompson because he hangs out with them at BYU Hawaii a ton. We stopped by quick and they had us share a message and stuff. We also ate with the Mears and did the Mannequin Challenge. We also had Christmas nachos with another family. 

I am super short on time. I have a bunch of other things to tell you about. Next week! 
Preston and Becca I love your emails! Don't kill yourself Preston... that looked like a hard wreck! Lol Becca your dab is hilarious. 

I love you so much and know that HE LIVES! 

Elder Moe

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                                                        Mannequin challenge

                                                        Sugar Cane Time-lapse

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