Thursday, January 19, 2017

"New Area" and "Elder Jensen!"

Elder Jensen & Moe
Jan. 16, 2017
Dear Family,
This week has been awesome!
My new area is Midvale North and my new companion is Elder Jensen.  We are covering three wards; it's way cool and there is a ton of work here!  Elder Jensen is awesome and from Michigan! He is super smart, and when I start school we are totally going to hang out!  Hopefully his smartness can rub off on me.  We will be going on exchanges with every zone leader this transfer and will be double working our area at least weekly.  To answer the question about responsibilities:  we help President, do training at zone conferences, help with transfers, get in high speed car chases with missionaries running undercover movie smuggling operations, and spy on

"We are gonna start a Mongolian Branch!" 
It's cool to come into an area and you have baptisms to be able to see! B is super cool! He is from Mongolia, is super funny, and loves basketball. We taught him about Thomas S. Monson and a modern prophet. When he filled in the info for who he wanted to do the parts of his baptism, he wrote Thomas S. Monson as the one to baptize him. Lol  His brother-in-law baptized him and B’s toe came up during the baptism, but his brother-in-law handled it like a pro and hooked his leg under with one of his feet. It was so cool. 

"S is super shy and doesn't like to cooperate sometimes! We laid down on
the floor because she wouldn't stand up for the picture. Lol"
Elders Jensen, Moe and Privado
At S's baptism, she wanted everyone to turn around before she got into the font because she is just so shy. We had one lesson with her over skype and it was so hard; she has a hard time focusing and the only thing that worked was telling her that we would play hangman in the end. We were all turned around, but as witnesses we kinda had to see it, so we turned around right after he started saying the prayer. Her hair didn't go under all the way, and as she was trying to run out we were like, “wait one more time!” She turned to me and apparently said, "I hate you!" Lol! - I didn't hear her. She was happy to get baptized though. Her mom asked her since she was hesitating for a few min, "are you sure you want to do this" and she totally did but she was just so shy.

Thank you so much for your testimonies in your letters. I am very bad at expressing mine over emails, but I really do appreciate yours; they come to me at a time that I need them.

I love you,
Elder Moe
"This is Korean BBQ back in the day. So good!"

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