Thursday, January 26, 2017

"On Exchanges, Beast Mode Flips On"

"Exchanges!  We did a service project!"
Jan. 23, 2017
Dear Family,

Could I get the pancake recipe again... sorry i lost it.  So, as a mission we are doing a challenge. It is to read the whole Book of Mormon before Easter. Part of the challenge is to invite others to do it with you. I want to extend the invitation to you, and invite you to find one person to do it with you. Sister Hillier told a story about President Hillier's secretary that was meeting with the missionaries that she invited to read the Book of Mormon in another challenge and she got baptized.

So this week was sweet! We are going on a ton of exchanges and we have changed the way that we are doing exchanges. We are now bringing the companionship into the area and are double working the area for 24 hours. We did and exchange with Elder Austin and Elder Alkema and with Elder Manning and Elder Rawcliffe and it was sweet. On the first one we did, we ended up at the same apartment complexes at the same time. It was super funny. We OYMed (open your mouth) a lady and the Elders must have been there like 5 min before us and they talked to her already. We had a good laugh but she hadn’t changed her mind in the last 5 min and was still uninterested. LOL Elder Alkema and I found a household of people and a few other potentials. Exchanges are so awesome! For some reason on exchanges beast mode flips on and you talk to everybody and have a ton of energy. Our area is going to be awesome double working it twice almost every week!

Jensen, Moe, Rawcliffe & Manning
L’s baptism was super awesome! When I left the area she was on date for the Sunday after the transfer and it looked like it was going to be close for her to be prepared. She believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet but hadn't had a personal experience with prayer confirming that God was her Father or Jesus Christ was her Savior. She understood who Jesus Christ was and his gospel, but hadn't seen or felt an answer. She had been praying, and one night she had a dream; she dreamed that she got baptized and she woke up after the dream and felt this calm peaceful assurance and desire to be baptized. She said she just felt like she needed to do this and that this was right. 

Its way cool to hear of you going out with the missionaries Dad! That is the best! We have a WML (ward mission leader) here that goes out to apartment complexes with a ward missionary and OYMs people. I want to be a beast missionary when I go home like you guys!

If the videos don't not show up, then click on the Elder Brinton Moe in the Salt Lake City East Mission link at the bottom of the page or, if it shows as an error, click on the youtube link in the black video box.

Oh the Shack...yeah!

Exchange Breakfast

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