Monday, February 13, 2017

"When I Got the Middle Finger in My Face..."

"I cut Elder Jensen's hair this morning!"

Hey! I love you lots! Happy Valentine's Day! I cut Elder Jensen's hair this morning... hahah

Here is a journal entry from the week:

So I just got flipped off in sacrament meeting and we scared the crud out of every member in the Midvale second ward.

On Thursday morning we went on exchanges and Elder Shaffer and Elder Jensen went to teach someone they met the day before, and Elder Meyers and I knocked around and met D.  He walked into the building while we were at a door and then invited us into his apartment. He seemed like a cool guy, but he was going through a lot and was pretty high strung. He told us that he had seven days to leave and at times he was emotional about it.  Our conversations didn't really seem to go anywhere, and he tended to dominate the conversation, but he was super nice and he gave us some of his clothes he wasn't gonna wear because he was packing all of his possessions in a back pack and told us he was going to New York where he used to live.

"Hiked Granger Peak again! Preston and Becca, we are
going to hike this someday!"
On Sunday morning he called and asked where church was and what time it met. We were like, "Sweet! He survived and he is coming!" When he showed up, we knew something was a little wrong. He seemed pretty worked up about something and walked past us down the hall and we were like, "Hey!" and he just jetted past us for the bathroom.  Later, before the meeting, someone came up to us and asked if we could sit with D because he wouldn’t talk to anyone. He was sitting on the front bench right in the middle and he had his eyes closed. A few people tried to introduce themselves to no avail. The bishopric seemed unsettled and they kept going in and out of the hall. He was acting kinda strange and as I looked to the left, I saw that there were police officers in the hallway... "Are you kidding me?," I thought, "we just brought a convict to church..." Someone came over and whispered something in Elder Jensen's ear and then he whispered in mine telling me that D had been very aggressive in the parking lot and asked if we could ask him to come in the hall with us. I was sitting right next to him, and was super nervous, but I tapped him and said, "Hey, D."  That's when I got the middle finger in my face in front of the whole congregation.  Elder Jensen said he looked back, at that point, to a few faces of unbelief and shock. You have to understand; at this point he hadn't said A WORD TO ANYONE.  He had been totally silent with his eyes closed, but obviously awake.

I was super bummed and pretty nervous at this point. During the sacrament prayer he started doing these weird stretches and then walked out of the meeting. The police asked him to leave and he did.  He actually called us later and things were fine; we may have overreacted a bit.

I am kind of out of time but I have had some amazing times testifying of Jesus Christ this week. Sorry I spent so much time telling that story...


Elder Moe
"At InstaCare because we have had diarrhea since Easters."

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