Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Mommy V's Baptism!"

Jan. 30, 2017
Dear Family,
This has been a super crazy and good week!
This weeks happenings:
  • It snowed while we were balling it up. Lol. We had a snowball fight.

  • Met with President at his house for the first time about a ton of stuff.
  • Went to taco time to eat and see Josh Landa and this lady from Argentina needed to borrow our phone. We tried to talk to her. Lol

  • The World Wide Missionary Broadcast, we were in the council, the schedule change and key indicators
  • We taught Albert Fajardo and I thought he was less active. He is a non member Lol

  • Weekly planning and we gave a training at zone conference
  • WENT TO BED AT 9!!

  • We drove to Wyoming for another zone conference.
  • The snow was sooooo high. There wasn't cement, just packed snow.
  • I saw Debbie! She was serving food. Introduced her to President Hillier. She bore her testimony.
  • Saw Allison Smith and President and Sister Lester.
  • President came in, “we are ready for you”, Us: “oh crud..”
  • Lost the keys like four times and prayed and found them. Elder Walker lost his glasses on his face.
  • Actually lost the Subaru keys so we were stuck there.
  • Got back to dinner at 6 and it was an awesome dinner! Brother and Sister Swapp. Camp food!
  • I finally met our on date investigator!
  • Met a guy named Mo

  • Finished weekly planning
  • Had a lesson with Brother Hartman!

  • Ton o church!
  • Planned as soon as we got up. (The schedule is still way cool)
  • We went to the combined meeting on religious freedom and I learned a ton!
  • Mommy Vs baptism! (So good)
  • The Gonsalvases came to the baptism!
  • We sang I Am A Child of God in Thai
  • Went and ate a ton of Thai food!
  • Gonsalves miracle fellowshipper!
  • Tracked into Monisa (NM) and Taylor (LA) super prepared!

This week I met someone else that knew uncle John. Hahah. We brought him to a lesson and he served his mission in Manhattan. He was like, “Bishop Moe??" "To bad you don't get to see him in the temple anymore." Lol   There was a bishop in my last area that had also met him.

In the missionary Broadcast they did the video as if they were bringing us into meet with the missionary counsel. There's so many things about missionary work in the mission that you don't realize apostles of God have sat and counseled together to make decisions on the way things are. It was just a really cool opportunity to see that they meet weekly and talk about us. They really are our companions!

So, our training after the “oh crud” moment wasn't as bad as it could've been, also wasn't as great as it could've been. We were in the Relief Society room planning while zone conference was going on and we weren't really sure when we were going to have to train. We had given the training four other times, so we pretty much knew what we were gonna say, we just felt a little bit less prepared not having reviewed it before. It actually turned out, by the end, to be one of the more spiritual ones though!

Seeing Debbie was so amazing. When people get baptize sometimes you wonder if they will stay active in the church. She had called in and volunteered to help feed us. She got to meet President and she seemed like she was doing great!

There were a ton of people at the baptism; all of Momma V’s family from out of town came. The best part was she got up and bore testimony. She talked about when her mom left her and when she came back over 30 years later, she didn't seem like the same person. She had been through a lot and their relationship was not great. She said in these last few weeks she's found the woman she was looking for; she found her mom.

Love, Elder Moe

"We went to visit this sick guy whose wife asked us to give him a blessing.  They were nonmembers."
Elders Moe and Jensen treated to dinner by some awesome members :)

If the video doesn't show up, then click on the Elder Brinton Moe in the Salt Lake City East Mission link at the bottom of the page or, if it shows as an error, click on the youtube link in the black video box.

                                         We sang "I Am A Child of God" in Thai!!

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