Thursday, March 23, 2017

"We Are Offering A Bigger Plate"

March 20, 2017

C's baptism was awesome! None of her family was there, but Cecilia’s whole family was! They did a musical number! Norbit is Cecilia’s son who we take out teaching with us all the time. He does hip-hop dancing, plays basketball, and is always super positive! The night before the baptism was crazy because her foster daughter was having a baby. She had the baby the night before and it was a huge tender mercy because it would have been way stressful for C. She is going to be confirmed this next week and they are going to have an African dinner after church.

Serving a mission is the best thing in the world! Anyone wondering if they should serve a mission or not, should!! Consider this your answer!

We had a really good lesson this week with a family at InTown Suites. Something we run into a lot here is people looking at the church just as a way to get money. Many times that struggle keeps people from hearing or sincerely caring about the message we have to share. I think it is a part of human nature to only see as far as the next day. The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is seen as another thing on a person’s plate. What I was able to explain in this lesson was that we aren't offering another item on their lists of things to do, we are offering a bigger plate. We are offering a greater ability to do hard things, to change themselves, their lives, and to accomplish anything. We are offering people a foundation on the Rock of our Redeemer who is Christ the Son of God. A foundation whereon if men build, they. can. not. fall. We have many opportunities to testify as Christ did, that what they are looking for may satisfy them for a day or a month or a year, but what we offer will fill their needs for eternity if they will follow Christ.

The weather is feeling super good and great things are happening here in Midvale.


Elder Moe

"This is Birch, a member in the ward.  He made me massage his foot. lol"
"We found a stool"

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