Friday, April 14, 2017

"Elder Alkema Was Gone!"

Elder Moe, Jensen, Alkema and Privado
This is Elder Jensen's last transfer and Elder Privado is now home!
Elder Alkema and I are now companions!

April 10, 2017

This week has been awesome! I am now serving with Elder Alkema and is awesome! We came out together but haven't served around each other a whole lot. He is all about hard work and is super focused and I love it. 

We have had some great times already! Our first night with him, Elder Jensen was still with us. We were leaving to work that evening and Elder Alkema backed us up (its a missionary thing lol ). We were going down the road like 5 min later and I started to feel bad because Elder Jensen and I were talking and he hadn't said anything in a bit.  I had been making comments to Elder Alkema catching him up to speed, but he still didn’t say anything. Finally I turned around to look in the back seat and ELDER ALKEMA WAS GONE! We realized we drove off after he backed us up and hadn’t even gotten in the car. He didn’t have a phone or anything, so we drove back and picked him up. I felt kinda bad, but we all died laughing about it.

We went to Temple Square with Jonathan and Laura this week but I forgot to take pictures.

Who is Jonathan marrying??

Talking about MSG, there was this Thai home we went to and they weren't your average family, but they had their cooking staples on the counter like normal and they were labeled SUGAR and stuff like that, and then there was one that said MSG and it was just like a flour and sugar container. I was laughing inside! I wish Grandma was there! That isn’t a normal thing, it was just this family.

That was quite the Glamorous MOPRO group. I told Preston it sounds like he did all he could to not make people cry about mopro as apposed to what I did... LOL

I wish I would have been closer to our youth group. They seem to have a lot of fun together!

I love you Mom. I can't wait to see you on Mother's Day!!!

Love You BYEEEE,

Elder Moe
Elder Moe & Alkema
Elder Moe & Jensen
STL Hermana Gonzalez photo bomb (she likes to call herself AP STL Hermana

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