Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"It Was the Best Easter Gift Ever"

"This was the family we ate Easter dinner with and the boys did a scavenger hunt for us!  They made deviled eggs too!  Awe Yeah!!"
April 17, 2017

Dear Family!

That's crazy about another BOS kid getting called to Salt Lake! Some people call it Small Lake City because it’s pretty big but it seems like everyone knows people. It must be all the Mormons here.

I was reading my journal the other night and there was and entry where I talked about how Becca came up in my room one night and we spent a few hours hanging out and drawing on my whiteboard. I talked about how much fun it was and how although we fought sometimes I loved my brother and sister a lot. Write in your journal every day! That has been one of the most stress relieving and most sacred things to me, to read a little from my journals every night. I have my little kid one, my dream one, mission one, and preparing for a mission. In my little kid one, the first entry is my baptism. Something I have learned on my mission is as long as you write something, it means a lot and it’s something you probably wouldn't be able to remember without it. "The worst notes are better than the best memory." Record spiritual impressions too. When you pray at night have an open journal on your bed. This has changed my prayers!

This week has been awesome! Went crazy with the #PRINCEofPEACE cards. We gave them to everybody! We are teaching this awesome family from Vietnam that came to church on Easter! It was the best Easter gift ever. That night we invited them to be baptized and they said yes! They said they want their grandson to grow up to be a missionary just like us. If Grandma and Grandpa were Asian they would be just like them! I don't know why but that just dawned on me. Haha

I can't believe the temple is closing!! This will probably be the best time for the Oklahoma Tulsa temple to be built tho.

We have a crazy busy week ahead of us! Hope you have a good one!!

Send any ideas you may have for a big group activity or really any activity that can be done to teach something or relates to receiving revelation!

Love you guys!

Elder Moe
Elder Moe & Alkema

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