Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Have An Awesome Thanksgiving Everyone!!

"Sneak Peak: One of the new characters in the upcoming
STAR WARS saga - Elder Moe Kenobi"
Dear Family,

HAPPY FLIPPING BIRTHDAY TO MY MOST FAVORITE BROTHER!! You’re my only brother, but you are still my favorite. I love you so much! I have been pretty terrible lately about writing in my journal because of district leader responsibilities... I have to call all the companionships in the district and then call the zone leaders every night and I always take forever. On Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had our traveling AP (Assistant to the President) stay with us and train and Elder Gill and stuff. He is from Guatemala! He helped me brush up on my Espanol. I was thinking that you would be proud of me because I keep randomly talking in Spanish like you do all the tiempo. 
"This is Elder Valdez!  He is the AP that stayed
with us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
He's from Guatemala!" 

It looked like you guys had a super sick bonfire!!!! I hope you are singing your heart out and jamming on the guitar! Honestly I miss that a lot. I saw the shirt Jet made you! That is pretty cool. Owasso better be hammockville by the time I get home! It sounds like you are spreading it a lot! 

I love you guys so much. I’m sorry I didn't have time to do a house tour for you guys this week, but I will do one soon. I am jamming to all the awesome music on my iPod. Thank you so much Mom for working so hard on that.  Having the speaker is so great because when we share videos with people we just turn it on and it is automation Bluetooth connected. 

So I don't really think there is a set rule on teaching someone who is under the influence, but we ran into another guy the other night. He was super drunk or something but he worked at Delta airlines and he helped missionaries leaving the MTC all the time! He was super scared when he answered the door and he was trying to convince us that he was the best Mormon ever so we didn't even need to talk to him. He was like "you wouldn't believe the prayers I say in the morning. I pray to like Thomas S. Monson and like his councilors and gold plates and everything. You guys are so great man! I know every thing you are saying and I am 100 percent on board... you would not believe the person I was.. so thank you so much."  We got like three words in and he was saying stuff like that at the door for about 10 minutes. 

To answer a few of your questions: 1) We got bikes from the mission office. It was by the Hand of God because they are both super nice "giant™" bikes and they were both given by missionaries that have left or are going home soon. My thighs have been sore lately. 2) Some of my responsibilities are: I have to do district meetings, Give trainings every week, Do exchanges, Call the district ever night, And other stuff. The most important part is ministering to my district, which is the best! It can be applied to all of the work. 3) We have four wards. We cover Hillside, Hillcrest, Park and Ridgecreek.

My companion, Elder Gill 
Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone!! Eat a ton of food for me so you can all gain weight like I will after 5 dinners. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be on a mission. I am so thankful for an awesome family. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior that has given His life for me. I am so grateful for all my friends and family, your love and support.  Go out of your way this Thanksgiving to tell people thank you especially to your Heavenly Father. He has given you everything! The only thing we can give Him that isn't already His is your will. If we submit our will to him, we will have true and eternal joy!! Listen to what the spirit tells you. If you are to afraid to act on a prompting think, "if not you then who?"

Elder Moe

P.S. I spoke twice yesterday! :D it was awesome. I love speaking! l have learned how to do it -  Don't prepare anything. The only thing to roughly organize is your thoughts. 

P.S.S. Just a heads up I am going to buy a nerf gun today. We are having nerf wars as our zone activity and nerf makes this sick gun that shoots balls instead of darts and it is awesome.
At the mission office with Elder & Sister Hawes

Elder Valdez - Traveling Assistant to the President
"I saw a picture of Bella the other day!!"
"This is Elder Baldry. He's from Australia."

"I told him to wait right before he flipped...He wanted to do 
it!!  Don't worry, he signed a waiver."

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