Monday, November 30, 2015

"Wow, you're telling me that right there...Wow"

Dear Family,

Dad, from your letter:  "There is some stuff in the Old Testament that I just can't teach to the Freshman and today was no exception.  Fortunately none of them read the assignment because I didn't want to have to explain what happened." Was it the Sodom and Gomorrah chapters? :D

Preston, you and your hammocking traditions, I love it. Dried mangos are the awesome and perfect "strictly hammock food". You are kind of a hippie dude. Long hair, guitar, dried mangos, hammocks, pole-vaulter. Total hippie. How is it trying to stay warm in the hammocks? Do you use a sleeping bag? It's great to know that you are still burping in people's faces... Super polite.

Becca, you are a special individual. When I tell people about my siblings, I typically say, "I have a little brother that is the second oldest and a little sister who is the youngest and she is more mature than both of us." But yet, you have this insane goofiness about you that is unmatched. Nice slow mo videos by the way guys! 

Mom, you are awesome I love you!  We haven't been riding the bikes lately because of the snow and it doesn't help that the nut from the front wheel fell off. So, I have to get a new one today. 
"Favorite picture ever."

Here is a really cool story of what happened this week. So let me tell you how we met Jason (name changed). We had an appointment fall through and we had some time to go contact someone. We said a prayer at the front door of this apartment building asking Heavenly Father to guide us to someone. We said amen and I felt we had to go to apartment A. Elder Gill suggested that we could go contact this girl we had met the other day, but I couldn't walk out of that building, I felt that we needed to knock on that door. So we did, not knowing what to expect (you never do when you are knocking on a door), we knocked. The door opens and this big guy looked at us pretty freaked out and said, "come in." That was all that was said. I am pretty sure we didn't even get a word out. We came in, introduced ourselves, and he has us sit down and was like, "it's weird you all are here right now man, I don't know what to think." He said, "be honest with me right now, what made you come here?" I said, "To be completely honest, we were at the door of the apartment building and said a prayer to guide us to someone and the spirit told us to come knock on your door." He just leaned back and was like "Wow, you’re telling me that right there... Wow." We really didn't know if it was a good or bad thing at first, but he told us that four days ago he had prayed for guidance, help and direction and we showed up. He said, "every time I pray, you guys end up showing up!"  Since then we have been meeting with him a lot. We have seen him everyday since that happened on Tuesday and he keeps wanting us to come back and he always wants us to stay longer. One of the first things he told us when we met with him was "missionaries in the past have always been like "come to church and see, see what it's like!"" And he pretty much told us straight up not to ask him to come to church because he is not going. That's awkward...He came! and I think they really liked it! I was praying that they could feel the spirit and that all the talks were good and they were. I was afraid that when we got into Gospel Doctrine, and we were doing genealogy, it would be boring, but they loved it. He was like calling his mom and putting all the names and birth dates on. It was really cool! Then in the last hour they were doing a combined meeting on protecting our homes from pornography and I was like... Crap. But it was super awesome!! The bishop of that ward is amazing and Jason was talking about it after how he wants to be able to protect his kids from that someday. 

It's 1:00, but I know the gospel Is true!!!! Love you bye! 

Elder Moe

P-Day Haircut
"I know you're jealous"

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