Monday, November 16, 2015

"They Need Jesus!"

Jordan River Temple
So, Wow, I have not had a lot of time lately because of nightly calls and stuff. But I am here in Murray, UT and it is pretty awesome! I did my first interview yesterday to a nine year old and she farted in the middle of the interview. It was awesome!! Yesterday I left my iPad in a member’s car and it kinda stunk. We were walking all over town looking for him and couldn't find him. We finally ended up finding out who it was because our dinner appointment knew them. It turned out to be President Nelson's (like General Authority) daughter’s husband! (Don't worry Mom, I will be more responsible.)

Murray District A with President
Today I had to do district meeting and President showed up… I was pretty nervous. The pipeline took a while and so my training was very rushed. Later tonight we had a lesson with these YSA (Young Single Adult) age guys, so we went on splits with Elder Baldry and Elder Frogley. Elder Baldry and Elder Gill taught the YSA age guy, and because Elder Frogley and I don't really know the area, we knocked on the door below them because the kid they were teaching told us that "they need Jesus." He opened the door and had white powder on his upper lip and all over his face... He was pretty friendly and invited us in though! His house was crazy. There was stuff everywhere but we didn't really care. He was super high... We talked about everything from the beginning of the restoration to the celestial kingdom. He said some pretty weird stuff and he had a cat that looked really creepy. He kept crying at the spiritual parts of the lesson, so he was probably feeling the spirit... He told us about his LSD trips and how he thought Joseph Smith was a sociopath.  We showed him Elder Holland’s "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" and he started crying into his cat. Like bawling his eyes out, soaking the alien kitty (oh yeah, he said his cat was from light years away not from this planet)  (Now that I think about it, it might be true) Then he wanted to show us his favorite song ever, that was actually by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was "Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing." He was crying about how moving and beautiful it was. He also was a born Jew and kept speaking in Hebrew randomly in his sentences. After we left him with a Book of Mormon and everything, we said a prayer and left. Elder Baldry and Elder Gill were waiting for us. We did an evaluation on how the lessons went and Elder Baldry had a lot to talk about with Elder Gill so Elder Frogley and I went over and talked to this guy that was smoking outside and he turned out to be a recent convert. He told us about his story; he was a really cool guy. He used to be an alcoholic and now he is trying really hard to quit smoking. In the middle of our conversation, this guy that we talked to earlier, (the Jew guy on cocaine) walked up and he said, "in the language of my fathers" and then started speaking in Hebrew and was reciting some long thing with hand motions and stuff. He did a small bow and then walked away and we said, “thank you.” The guy that we were talking to just looked at us, not really knowing what was going on and then said, "did you understand what he just said...?" It was so crazy that it was hilarious like something out of a movie. Salt Lake City is an interesting place.

Sorry that this letter isn't that great this week. I love you guys so much. I hope you guys have a great week! And I hope Preston’s birthday is awesome!!

Elder Moe

My new companion Elder Gill

Sister Missionaries in my District

My view of the Wasatch Mountains.

Ran into Sis. Parks from Tulsa!

We are in the "timeout" chair.

Had to say goodbye to these awesome people.

I'll miss my Wyoming people!

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