Monday, November 9, 2015

It Snowed!! / Last Week In Green River

I am super sorry I forgot to charge my iPad last night so now I have to use the computer and I am still a horrible typer... I am super exited and pretty bummed that everything is changing with me being transferred and all. I have grown to love a lot of people out here and it will be pretty hard to say goodbye to everyone today and tonight. I do know that I am in the Lord’s hand and that I will be able to learn and grow from this big change. I am exited to see where I am going and who my new companion will be, but I have to wait until tomorrow... About leaving this area, I am going to try to take the advice of Doctor Seuss, "Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."    

Here is a really cool miracle that happened this week:
It snowed!
We were leaving a less active guy’s house Wednesday and I had an impression to leave him something to read. We have been working with him, fasting for him and praying for him and he was making some progress with his drinking, but he didn't have a whole lot of a desire to find out if the Church was true. He had been born into it, was super less active and he didn't think it really mattered what denomination one was in. He didn't see the difference. So we had already left his house, said goodbye and everything, and I got an impression to go back and have him read Joseph Smith History hoping that it would help him understand. I left him my scriptures and I didn't think too much more of it; I just really hoped he would actually read it. Jumping foreword to Thursday night, he called and I got a pretty intense impression to answer because I knew he was counting on us. I went to the other room and answered the phone. There was a moment of quiet and he said something like, "I was reading that book you left me and I just want to thank you." I said, "what do you mean?" He said, "I understand the difference in the denominations and I know why it is so important." I felt awe and wonder rush over me as I realized that he had received a confirmation from the spirit that what he read was true. We talked some more and he said, "and if you don't mind I think I am going to read a few more chapters out of this book." I said, “You can read as much as you want!" He knew it was true and all the prayers, all the fasting and all the love shown really made a difference. He had experienced that mighty change of heart!! It was so amazing to see him change like that! He is someone who has seen and been through a TON and we love and care about him so much. With that experience, the words rang true to me that "People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care."
I will take a lot of videos and give you as much information on my new area, companion and district next Monday. I love you guys so much. Being away has helped me see how flipping awesome you guys are. MY FAMILY ROCKS!!!!!! I don't know what I did before this life to deserve to be with all of you, but I am so very grateful for this blessing from my Heavenly Father. I love you guys to heaven.

Elder Moe

Last look at the cabin and truck

Last Hike in Green River

Shadow Goodbye/Love You

It Freak'in Snowed!!!

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