Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Training in a Trio!"

Elders Dubbeld, Gill and Moe - "The Triungle"
Hey guys I'm super short on time today I apologize. Luckily we will be able to talk a lot on Christmas. I got the package! I really appreciate all of the gifts professionally wrapped by Becca. So I kind of cheated and opened up my Nerf gun early. We are having a huge nerf war in a three-story ward building today and I couldn't resist.

Dad you're going to have to put that Rotel in a Tupperware and send it over. I honestly can't believe Christmas is here already. Time flies especially on the mission. The biggest change this week has been our new companion Elder Dubbeld. He had oatmeal for the first time with me the other morning; things are pretty different in Holland I guess. From what he's told us, he is going to go crazy when we go to Walmart today. He says when his dad goes to America, he brings back a whole suitcase full of Lucky Charms and A&W rootbeer.

This is my journal entry from when he came!:
Nice snow boots Elder Gill and Moe :D
Wow so we have a new companion! We are training in a trio!!! His name is Elder Dubbeld, pronounced just like doubled. He’s from Holland and got called to Elder Hagoods mission in the Trinidad Port of Spain! He is waiting here for probably six weeks or so. Until then, Elder Gill and I are training him! He is really quiet and soft spoken but we are going to have to help him with that. He ate oatmeal for the first time with me this morning. He said he really liked it! I would think they would have oatmeal there. I’ve never thought of it as an American thing. His second language is English and his first is Dutch. He’s not a very confident English speaker but we will help him out of his comfort zone for sure. There is no growth in a comfort zone and not a lot of comfort in a growth zone. I just realized we are going to have posterity ties handed down in Trinidad Port of Spain. That's sick!

This week was super awesome!  On Thursday we went to the Salt Lake Temple and then Friday was crazy:  We had zone meeting, Christmas Dinner, talent show and a General Authority speaker. The food was awesome and President and Sister Eberhardt got us microwavable rice bags and shorts with the mission name printed on them. The General Authority speaker was amazing! It was Elder and Sister Gay. I will tell you all about everything on Friday!

I love you guys so much and will see you on Friday. I apologize for the short lame email. We had to walk here and so we were late and then Elder Guapo had to come by and talk to us.


Elder Moe
Murray district

Elders Moe, Dubbeld and Gill

Sister Uelese

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