Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"The District"

Elder Kupaka'a
Hey family! 

Alright, so because of popular demand I will be sharing things about the district living arrangements and stuff like that! I will start with the district:

So starting on the top row from left to right: 
1. You have President of course.

2. Elder Pittman- he is a brand new missionary and he is a convert of about 2 years. He is super cool!

3. Elder Moe- he is pretty cool but sometimes he gets on my nerves especially when he tears up the bathroom right before I shower ;D 

4. Elder Gill- He is really awesome! He has been to a year of BYU I before he came out. His Dad was in the Air Force so he lived in Germany for a while and he has India Indian background. He has a ton of faith, is really spiritual, humble and doesn’t get annoyed when I want to pray a lot (which is super nice). We get along great! 

5. Sister Uelese- She is Polynesian, which says a lot already! She is super fun, speaks Spanish (which can be bad for the Spanish Elders sometimes) hahaha, and left for her mission as a teacher in Alaska. She has a favorite question that she loves to ask people that is very thought provoking... "Have you ever been slapped by a poly??" All joking aside, she is actually really nice, a stud missionary and the best English speaker out of the trio.

6. Sister Pauni- a lot of the things said about sister Uelese can be said here. Sister Pauni is super funny! She sometimes wears this hat that is white and furry and looks amazingly funny but she rocks it! She is very good at popping her knuckles in a way that Instills fear into those she is looking upon. She hails from the kingdom of Tonga and taught the zone some togan words including "Namuseku" which she assured us meant handsome man. (We asked brother Wolfgram, a Tongan in one of our wards, and it means ....). I promised the sisters I wouldn't tell anyone in the zone what it means so keep it on the DL.

7. Sister Masih- she was born in Samoa but moved to Australia when she was really young. She is like the mom of the group and does her best! She was in my zone in Wyoming so I already kind of knew her. She is pretty hard to understand sometimes but she is hilarious too! I gave her a blessing one time when she was sick and her middle name is Sunshine - that describes her really well!

8. Elder Sales- he is from California and came out with me. He is super cool! I am going to be going on exchanges with him soon and getting to know him a lot better!

9. Elder Kupaka'a- he is from Hawaii (the big island) he is like the biggest goofball I have ever met. He said he doesn’t speak native Hawaiian but he spoke fluent Pigeon which is like a mix of a bunch of other languages. He is a really hard worker and is super good at drawing and stuff. He loves to teach using little hand motions and visuals.

Front row left to right
1. Elder Alvarado- he is from Arizona and is totally a redneck! It is super awesome. He loves to say super apostate things and see people's reactions. He served in Lyman, Wyoming before this and was somewhat legendary for drinking goats milk straight from the goat.  I am running out of time but that is all the young missionaries in my district.

"Our sweet Christmas setup"  All donated by
some awesome members!  Notice the warm fire.
A miracle I wanted to share this week is a stellar example of member missionary work. There is this bomb family in the ward. Their youngest daughter is an awesome member missionary. She made a bet with one of her friends at school (she is thirteen years old) that if her friend lost she had to take a missionary lesson. So she came up and told us one day and was like, "hey I have a friend who owes me two missionary lessons." We were like, "what do you mean??" Then she explained it to us. We ended up meeting with her friend  thinking it was kind of going to be a joke, but she made the bet because she really cared and loved this friend and knew she needed the gospel. After a spiritual lesson on the Restoration, she accepted the invitation to be baptized and is getting baptized on the 9th of January!!

Sorry not a great letter today. I love you guys so much and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Elder Moe

PS I met one of Marlin Moes nieces or something the other day. She has been to Bob’s place on the lake.

PSS look at family tree. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed

This stud Truman helps out with driving sometimes.
He will be serving a mission in January to the TEXAS FORT WORTH
Mission in the language of Marshallese!

Elder Kupaka'a again

Some truly amazing investigators!

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