Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Another Year Older and Still A Believer in Jesus Christ"

Elders Pau'u & Moe, Sisters Parker & Hathcoat and new member!
Dear Family,
I had a great birthday! It was super fun just knowing that I was nineteen. It reminded me of something this super funny older guy said every time we saw him in Murray. "I'm another day older and still a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ." He said it with so much enthusiasm it was awesome. But how true is that. I am another year older and still a believer in Jesus Christ. It's way sweet. I feel like I have grown so much this year.
We didn't do anything too crazy for my birthday. It was just another great Sunday out on the mission! I bore my testimony in all the wards we went to but that's normal. I made it my goal to bear my testimony in every fast and testimony meeting possible. I got a ton of super cool insights from all the testimonies that were borne.

One girl said "sometimes we think of the enabling power of the atonement like when we are running a marathon and we get tired Jesus comes and carries us but I think it's more like running a marathon on water. I need him every second."  How true is that. I do need him every second and I am glad he has provided the miracles that have carried me through another year of my life.
Sisters Parker, Hathcoat, newly baptized sister, Elders Moe, Pau'u,
Conn and Wolhfahrt

Here are a few of my journal entries for the week!
March 6, 2016 Sunday 2:43 PM 
So apparently Brandon Covey is a super good wide receiver and he bore his testimony in our ward today. Kinda cool. I don't really know who he is.

6:48 PM
So a recent convert from before I came into the area, from Elder Tanner and Elder Otuafi, told everyone over the stand that he was moving to California tonight. He is gonna be alright though because apparently he biked here from Nashville. Like bicycle.

10:08 PM
So this is my birthday. I just read my letter from my parents and family and I love them a ton. They are the bomb.  We finished off the day with dinner at a bunch of girls’ house. (They invited a guy so we could be there.) Then we had a lesson with Ian and he taught me another scale and how they work together. I kinda understand scales now, which is pretty neat. Ian is less active and thinks he is an atheist but he is pretty cool! He has taught himself music theory. After our lesson, we went to the ward prayer at a member of the bishoprics and he came with Skylar (his good friend that is active). We had pie after we were done.

March 3, 2016 10:04 PM Thursday
So I am on this awesome exchange with Elder Conn. He is a great missionary from Michigan! We started the exchange by going and contacting this less active guy that is returning to activity and there was a DO NOT ENTER sign on the door and the house has been condemned. We called the number on the piece of paper and they said there was meth there so that sucks. We had a good day though! It was awesome to get out on my feet and walk again. I am like physically drained which is super good to feel. 
Council Meeting - Elder Moe gets to see Elder Prestera from home!

Elders Pau'u & Moe with Javi - "Javi is teaching me
We have been doing great here. We are starting to get close with some of the families in the area and have been setting up lunch appointments and stopping by just on a whim to grab clementines. We will take a picture with them when we go over to lunch this week. We found out that our zone has to sing at zone conference and it will probably end up being only three of us because this isn't the most musical zone. WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!  I am pretty stoked!

Something super interesting and different is ward ball. It's the real deal. Especially in the YSA. It gets super intense. They have official teams they get together and refs and jerseys and everything. Preston would love it. The best is watching the girls play. It is super scary. Apparently there was almost a fight at one of the games a few weeks ago. The girls at dinner were telling us about it. For some reason they have three refs at the guys game but only one at the girls game and the refs typically aren't very good. We watched a video from one of the games last week and bodies were hitting the floor left and right. 

I met another like real islander this week and he called me Elder Moé. He informed me it meant to sleep. Sweet...
I love all you guys hope this letter was good.

P.S. shout out to Dain for teaching my dad the whip and nae nae.

"Continuation of selfies with animals"

"Elder Wolhfahrt is from Germany and he is
a punk."
Video: Dinner appointment in a YSA Stake

Preston... How could I forget about the off key all stars...
Thanks for reminding me though! 😂 Feel free to email me back in
school. I approve. Just don't get in trouble. What class do you have
this hour? You think it's weird for you that I am 19... It's flipping
weird for me! Your 16, that's weirder. You've been shooting with your
left hand 😳. Baller. It really sounds like dad loves coaching your
team! Remember when he coached my team for YMCA we were the real all
stars. Ha ha Bro they have a band you have a band it's perfect. You
guys need to preform at one of the dances. Just join together and make
one band. I am gonna be so super bad at guitar when I get back. It
won't be funny. You should learn this song! I will send it in another

Spend as much time with great grandpa as you possibly can. Go
chill with him even if it's just you two. I am serious Preston. You
will never regret it. Take Becca as well. You are a
stud! Remember God gave you everything. Your talents your mane your
social skills. Thank him every day for the little things, because trust
me, they are HUGE. I love you and cant wait to hang out when I am back.
Elder Moe

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