Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Jam Packed With Good Stuff"

Elder Moe, Sisters McKendrick, Alcala, Elder Bailey
This week has been jam packed with good stuff and I am sorry if It doesn’t all get included here!  We had the awesome opportunity to go to the Salt Lake City Temple this week and have zone conference.  The temple was awesome as always and zone conference was the bomb! We sang first as a zone and I am super glad because we weren't the best. Hahaha! It was just cool to be able to do it all together as a zone. Luckily no one recorded it (sorry mom). 

We had a late birthday lunch at the Peterson's and we ate a bunch of amazing grilled meat kabobs and some fancy stake that has a French name that I cannot spell.  I will send pictures next week because she took them and I didn't get them... (Again sorry mom). They have slides that connect the floors to their house it's pretty sweet. 

We have been going through lists of ward members we want to meet and knocking a ton of doors and contacting a ton of referrals. We have gotten a ton done, but haven't found anyone new that we are working with. We have been teaching a bunch of active member lessons as well.

Elders Moe, Pau'u, Bailey, Sis. Parker, Elder Manning
The other day we met this super awesome lady that was 91 years old. Her name was Elsie and she was so funny. Her house had a bunch of dog training mats like all over the floor and it reeked of dog pee. Elder Pau'u was dying. We were there for her son who was just out of the age range for YSA and was super stubborn. He was offended when he was younger. We talked to him for a good 30 minutes with her in the living room with us. We prayed with them at the end, and Elder Pau'u said amen and we look over and she still had her head down. I said amen super loud and then she looked up and said amen! After we were done she asked us "Who are you here with?" And I said very loud, "THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS." She was like, "Ohhhh Elders!" And her face just lit up and she gave us some Smarties. It was sweet!

I love you guys so much and loved the videos and pictures this week. Thank you so much again for the package! I am still enjoying stuff from it!  I flipping loved the shirts! I have worn mine twice already this week!!! Forgive me for my forgetfulness. They are AWSOME and I am not just saying that.  I loved getting them especially because I wasn't expecting them. I seriously wish I could go back or at least tell you how much I really do appreciate it... It is one of my favorite birthday presents I've gotten and it actually means something. Thank you so much!  I still feel like a piece of poop for not thanking dad for the shirts last week. 
Zone Conference

Elder Moe
Elders Moe, Bailey, Carling, Taylor, Sis. McKendrik
Elders Pau'u, Bailey, Gill, Moe, Sisters Parker, McKendrick,
Uelese, Alcala
Elders Manning, Bailey, Gill, Moe, Sis. McKendrick, Uelese
Elders Gill, Carling, Bailey, Moe, Sister Uelese
"These Sisters cover the other half of the YSA Stake.  Sister Antunes is
from Brazil and Sister Lange is from Ohio."
More animal selfies
New Glasses 
More Zone Conference pictures

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