Monday, March 21, 2016

"Steel I Beam of Support Under Your Testimony"

Elders Moe, Bailey and Manning
Dear Family,

Sup dudes. Today is crazy. So is tomorrow. Transfers are today and tomorrow and I am stoked to see who my new companion is. 

Dad, I gave the shirts to sister Eberhardt and she loved them and loved that it said “obedience” on the back because that is all she has been training on lately. We are going to go on a short hike today at that same place as last Monday and I will take some sweet pictures. 

I’m going to watch the videos of Preston's wisdom teeth recovery like a thousand times. Preston you must be a ninny goat if the drugs lasted that long! You were loopy forever! But for real, even though you were on drugs when you said it, I love and miss you a ton as well.

This letter is all over the place. Hopefully by the time I am 23 months out I will have it figured out and can send 4 quality letters for my last month. 

I needed to share a miracle that happened a little bit ago: 
Elder Pau'u and I were at a family's house teaching a lesson. They are active members, but the father was worried about his second oldest son who wasn't sure he wanted to serve a mission. Elder Fanfa and Pau'u taught a lesson before I came to the area, so this was the second lesson we were going to share. We asked the father what he wanted us to teach and he texted us and said to teach whatever we thought would be good. So we taught about faith, shared a video and committed them to read Alma 32. After the lesson, the Dad was tearing up and then proceeded to tell us this - When he had texted us back on what he wanted us to teach, he typed up "what about a lesson on faith and then commit us to read Alma 32 because we need to get back into scripture reading as a family." He then deleted all of that and sent, "whatever you guys think will be good." That was one of those moments that puts a steel I beam of support under your testimony. 

I have been studying three really good talks lately that you especially should read Dad for your calling if you haven't already. But I think they are great talks for anyone who wants to be a missionary. 
1) The Fourth Missionary
2) Becoming A Consecrated Missionary
3) The Divine Companionship
I don't know how to find any of them. They were included in my new missionary stuff.

We have had a few cool miracles this week! The first one was our new ward mission leader in the Holladay ward. He is a STUD! You can tell he was a “fourth missionary” (read the talk it will make sense) because he was truly changed by the work. He has been home for quite a while. He graduated collage, is working and he still has that missionary fire! It is super inspiring and I hope I can be like him when I am where he is. His dad is a mission president in Australia right now. He said something really awesome to hear. He said that everyone talks about “finishing” the mission, and that you don't really finish. For him, he said when he finished his mission, it was like finishing a marathon and God just slapped him on the butt and said keep going. I agree wholeheartedly because you can tell when missionaries treat the end of their mission as an end. They loose all those things they learned and all that growth. This is just setting the stage for a lifetime and beyond of progression. It might sound super hard, but I know it is the best way. I am super exited to work with him and I know that we are going to see miracles in the Holladay YSA.

Another super sweet thing that happened was one of the guys we were working with a bit ago called us to say goodbye to Elder Pau'u. After they talked on the phone, someone cancelled on us and we decided to see if he wanted to go to Temple Square. He did, and we went and it was awesome! We took him down to the Prophets in the North Visitor Center and pretty much taught the restoration to him again. We watched the new Easter Mormon Message in the small theater and went up to the huge statue of Jesus Christ. He told us that he hasn't been reading and praying at all. We weren't stopping by too much either and he said he really felt the difference when he could feel the spirit like he did there. He told us that he wants to be baptized and recommitted himself this time. He has quit his e-cig since the last time we saw him and he is ready. We are stoked for him and will take him back to Temple Square on Tuesday. 

I love you guys a ton! 
Elder Moe

"We had dinner with this awesome family and found out they were
related to Elder Pau'u.  The guy next to me has been working
with Elder Biorn in the Tongan branch and his little brother
(not in the picture) knows Jake Herman!  He went to football
camps with Jake and said he was like the only nice one there.
We ate a huge Tongan meal- Luisipi and a bunch of other
Tongan food!"

March and it's still snowing.

Hiking the Bench

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