Thursday, May 5, 2016

"Your Parents Should Be Your Best Friends"

"Candidly preachin the word"
Dear Family,
A bunch of random stuff...

We are going to have to go get some Taco Bell for the 5th for sure. Be sure to watch Nacho Libre with some taquitos and lime aid.  I want to see the garden! How are my cacti doing? Did you kill another one... When I get home, lets do some type of running even or something we can train for; Triathlon - or is that too ambitious? I am down if you are! I am going to ask my landlord and see if I can drill two holes in the wall and sleep in my hammock. I might try to hang it while Elder Nelson is packing today. Yes, we did put that together for the Hawes! We wanted to take a picture all together but we forgot on p-day so we tried our best to make up for it.
"We love you Elder & Sister Hawes! Thank you for all that
you've done.  Kia Kaha! Forever Strong!!"

This week has been super good and I have just been so grateful for all the growth and progress Elder Nelson and I have made together.  Our relationship as companions was so constructive and open that I was able to see and work on things about myself that I hadn't even been aware of before. There were a few experiences in the last two or three weeks in the transfer that really showed me the unity that we were able to develop.

At a dinner with a member of the high council, the grandmother there asked us what could be the most important advice that we could tell her grandkids as they prepared to be missionaries. I took some time to think and ponder about what I needed to know at that time that helped me. Elder Nelson looked to me and then to them and said. "Talk with you parents and learn from them, they want to help you so tell them everything." I was in awe and testified to them that that message was from God because I got the exact same impression. I said, "Your parents should be your best friends. Trust them and tell them everything! They want to help you." I was able to tell them that they should NEVER be afraid to tell their parents anything. I know that that is so true. Parents are called to listen, understand and guide. I also know that nothing is fixed if it is not brought in the open. I know that is true in companionships and in our lives.
"These guys are awesome! The girl knows Shane Till!"

If you have two people that want to improve, that are open with each other and are humble, they cannot fail.


Elder Moe

"Betcha I could throw a pigskin over them
mountains - Uncle Rico"  " I ligit didn't notice this until
I went to attach it to the email :D Buttsniff :D"

"Another picture from Jonathan's proposal"

"Breaking and entering missionary style"

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