Tuesday, May 17, 2016

He Speaks to Us Through Others

My new companion Elder Soelberg!
Hey, hey fam!!

The story on my hair: So I was getting really hot so I took a bath but that didn't work. I drank some water and then I realized that it was my hair that was making me so hot so I decided to shave it all off.  Hahah but really I just was tired of doing it in the morning so one night I went in the bathroom while Elder Soelberg was talking to one of our DLs on the phone and cut it all off. He heard the clippers start up and I was like "I think I am just going to go straight up" he was quietly motioning to me not to do it "don't do it!" And then I did it *BZZZZTT* there was no going back from there. 

This week has been a super good one! We had an experience yesterday that changed my mission. We were having a conversation in a correlation with one of our ward mission leaders and he shared with us things he learned about working with less active members of the church. He shared ways to go about helping them feel like they did when they first came to know that God was there for them, that they have a Savior and the Gospel is restored on the earth. He answered a lot of questions that I have pondered and prayed about because of the words about my mission in my patriarchal blessing. I have been called on this mission to do this work and I am so grateful for the guidance and direction He is giving me. It is so cool to know that God speaks to us through others. Not in a way like "God told me you were supposed to do this" but where the spirit testifies of other people's words, confirming where they are from. I am grateful for the huge role the Holy Ghost plays in my life! Thank you as well dad for your words and insights about Elder Christofferson’s talk. I know that those words were from my Heavenly Father as well and will help me a ton! 

Elder Moe

P.S. Do the Christlike attribute activity in Preach My Gospel on developing Christlike attributes at the end of the chapter - page 126!  It's awesome! 

Pres. Eberhardt, Elder Nelson, Moe (with the spontaneous buzz cut) & Soelberg
Our investigator's baptism!  We didn't get one in
all white, but there was a random throne in the gym.

Elder Soelberg, Williamson and Elder Moe

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