Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Stay Humble Punk"

Saturday Baptism
Dear Family,

That's so sweet that school is out!!! That's the best feeling ever! Preston you literally are saying you’re too busy because you have to many friends... Hahaha you are going to have a great summer. You are in a special place in life and it's so cool to see how God has put you there - with pole vaulting, with friends and everything else. I really did pray about quitting football and to have guidance in what I should do. I know I learned a ton in the experience, and it shaped my life and senior year. I was able to step out of a crowd going to not good places and have a friendship with Stephen and a number of other blessings.  I am also sure that the reason for that decision was because of you and Becca as well. It's awesome to see where you’re at and where you’re going. But hey, stay humble punk. That's a lesson I have learned from my mission a lot. If I don't check myself all the time, and make a concerted effort, I rise up in pride. If I don't recognize it myself, and make some course corrections, my Heavenly Father helps out and my life gets HARD until I am humble again. Stay humble and pray for humility. It sounds like you are doing it already. I can't help but think back on when we were surfing and we figured out the way to catch a wave at the same time. You've gotta pray for every wave you try to catch and then thank Him for the experience. 

Becca, the only reason I know what dabbing is because Elder Manning was still home when that started... Hahah  Have you had opportunities to talk with your friends about the gospel? Becca, for real, if you start doing missionary work now and "Become a missionary long before you enter the mission field" like Elder Bednar advises, you will find the joy of missionary work and will have that mighty change of heart before or even without going on a mission. (Not sure if you have decided to serve a mission yet) (you totally should though) 

Thanks so much for all the pictures of the projects that you are working on. I really love to see that! That dodge ball shirt is hilarious!! I will search and try to find something you can mark in Nehemiah. I love how involved you are as the high counselor over missionary work. I would love to serve in the Stake. You and President Bell are studs. I love hearing that he is speaking out about the things that most people ignore or just let slide. 

Here is a crazy day we had last week from my journal Mom:

May 18, 2016 7:30 AM Wednesday
Yesterday was super long and awesome! We started it by going to drop off our laundry from Sister Edwards at like 7:00 AM. We had dropped it off on Monday, but one of sister Edwards daughters returned it to us before it had been washed. It was pretty funny! On the way home, we swung by Elder John and Manning’s apartment to pick up some milk. When we got there, Elder Manning was in the shower and Elder John was just sitting on the couch. We had MLT later that morning at 9:00, but I knocked on the door and said, "Elder Manning! Hurry up we've got to get to MLT! We are gonna be late!!" He was like, “WAIT… WHAT?? Ok be out in a second!!" Elder John was just on the couch laughing. We gave him a hug and left. We got a text from him a few minutes later that said, "Don't come back. EVER." It was awesome! 

When it was actually time to go pick him up, we dropped Elder John off with Elder Harris and made arrangements for them to split because Elder John had to go downtown to get medicine or something. We were a little nervous how it would all go. Then we had MLT and it was so awesome! I had a lot of questions that were answered. I felt the spirit so strongly and was able to learn not only things people said, but things that the spirit taught me. I am starting to slowly understand and recognize what the spirit is like. 

After MLT, it was crazyness like it always seems to be and while we were downstairs trying to figure things out, there was a bag of leftover carrots from lunch. I grabbed them and was snacking on them. I ended up eating the whole bag... We were walking out of the mission office with Elder Manning and Elder Privado, and Elder Privado and I at the same time had the feeling like we forgot something. I quickly realized that I needed to go talk to President and so I had an opportunity to do that. I am glad that Elder Privado had that prompting and was willing to act on it. 

After all that, we finally left and had to hurry because we had a lesson at 4. On the road home and after making a few calls, we found out that Elder Harris wasn't with Elder John. He was with the member split and Elder John had been dropped off at the apartment... Elder John was alone, doesn't speak the best English and didn't have the phone. AHHHHH! Luckily he was just sitting on the steps of the apartment and everything worked out. Sadly, he had been sitting there for about an hour... 

We were able to make it to that lesson we had, but on the way, I felt pretty sick and had a sweet headache. We got into the lesson though and I forgot I felt bad. It was with a girl named Brooke who is dating a member in the ward. The lesson went super sweet! She is not on date to be baptized yet, but she is prepared. After the lesson, I went right back to feeling super sick so we came home and I tried to settle my stomach. We had to pull over on the way home because I was about to loose it. At that point, the experience was familiar enough to remember the last time I ate a huge bag of carrots, thought I was going to die and projectile vomited all over the toilet. After my stomach settled a bit, we went to another lesson that we thought we had scheduled, but we found out quickly that what I thought was Katie responding was actually Elder Soleberg asking her if 6:15 would work. I replied that yeah that works perfectly! We had a member coming with us and everything and it wasn't happening... Ahhhhh! 

We finished off the day with an amazing lesson with Daniel! We had his old Boy Scout leader there and he informed us that not only did Daniel get his Eagle, but like 4 golden palms as well and he did it on his own. The lesson went exactly like a lesson should and we ended our day on a great note.

"Lovest thou me?" Is a question to ponder this week!


Elder Moe

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