Thursday, May 12, 2016

"It's Good To Know Things Haven't Changed"

"Cinco de Mayo celebration!!!" with Elders Manning, John, Nelson,
Soleberg and Moe.
Hey Family,
It was so cool to see you guys yesterday!!! You really don't feel far away at all. Preston you are still a punk! Becca you are still cool! Dad you are still cheesy!! Mom you are still worried about my driving... It's good to know things haven't changed! Dad I can't wait to get home and help you with all that! I will totally work for you that would be sweet. The reason that I was asking about my cactus is because I hadn't heard anything about them. (It's true that that wouldn't be the hottest topic I guess) whatever! Hey, still send me a picture of the garden soon!

Elder John has been teaching me some Pidgin and it's super fun! Here are some phrases!

Name lo mi Elder Moe
My name is...

Dis bla em compla mi
This is my companion...

Thank you stret
Thank you a lot

Em good bla stret bro ye
That's awesome

Em olsem
That's how it is

You make you makim wanem
What are you doing?

Mi sorry stret.
I'm sorry

Mi forgim you.
I forgive you

Bye brats
Bye brother

"Olympus Zone Meeting"
I love languages! They are so cool. I keep asking President to put me in a Spanish program! I need to pray harder I guess! This week has been so super good. Elder Soleberg is awesome! We get along so well. It's weird how fast we were like best friends. We have had a few dinner appointments and some west missionaries that have been super surprised when we have said we have been together for a few days. Hahah! We have pretend arguments where people can see like Shawn and Gus when we have to make a decision and then we come back with the answer all collected and stuff. (Don't worry people know we are joking)

"Elder Boren is dead (gone Home) :( "
We had a miracle this week and his name is Daniel. Some Elders in the zone had someone calling them that was living in the Sister’s area but wanted to have his friend taught by Elders. The guy wanted the Assistants number but we had them give him our number first! It turned out that his friend was YSA (young single adult) and was being fellowshipped into the Holliday ward! We had a sweet lesson with him and he is preparing to be baptized on the 28th of this month!

We also had a tender mercy when we had something come up on Tuesday so we had to reschedule a lesson with Jonathan at temple square for Wednesday. Wednesday, we had a mission meeting that we had spaced, and so when we realized we had the meeting, we already had our suits in the car and we were really close to the mission office. Our Heavenly Father had our back and he has all of ours!! I love all of you!

Elder MoƩ (My poly name)
Mission Council Meeting
Mother's Day face time

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