Tuesday, July 12, 2016


More pictures from the 4th 
Dear Family,

I wanna share some cool miracles from the week! So we have been working with this less active RM (returned missionary) named Dave! We have been visiting with him for a few months now on and off. We always have a super powerful lesson, and he commits to coming to church almost every time and then doesn't show. We had someone in the Ward that knows Dave from like 8th grade named Mason! He is super funny and one of those super solid member missionaries. He became friends with Jonathan Wessel when he was still here.

We had been trying to get Mason to come with us when we taught Dave a lesson, but every time something wouldn't work out. One day, when we tried to see Dave with Mason, he told us that he was about to be called as the EQP (Elders Quorum President) and he needed counselors. The name that came to his mind as he prayed was Dave! After he told us that, we tried a few more times to get him there when we met with Dave, but we couldn't make it happen! We talked to him after a few failed attempts, and weeks later, he said that he was about to just go ahead and call someone else, but then the guy he was about to call, up and moved like really last second, so he took that as his answer that Dave was the one.

"Festivals go on here every Friday night.  It was fun and
we talked to a lot of people."
We went by Dave's this last week and he was home, so we stopped to say hi and he was excited to see us! He said he had a dream last night that we came to his house but that he couldn't answer the door in the dream, but anyway, he said he was actually expecting us. We asked if we could text Mason and invite him over once we had sat down and stuff and he said, “yeah, that'd be great!” We texted Mason pretty much like, "WE'RE IN! WE'RE IN! Dave said you could come on over!" Hahah, He came and we shared a thought and Mason extended the call and Dave said yes! It was such a cool experience!

"I love this picture."
After the lesson, Mason told us that he had driven by today, saw the apartments and had a feeling that today was the day! So the next day, Sunday, Dave was at church!!! We asked him about how he felt and he said he felt good. He said, "I feel normal like this is where I am supposed to be!" It was such a cool experience! I can't wait until he gets set apart! 

Sorry it's kinda short today! I love you all! You are amazing! Work hard and put your faith in your Savior Jesus Christ.


Elder Moe

Elders Moe, Soelberg, John & Manning

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