Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Going Back to Green River Was Weird!"

On exchanges with Elder Manning
I am not sad about you going on vacation!  That looked like an awesome family reunion and I am glad everyone had fun! I have been eating the banana bread every morning.  Elder West isn't a banana bread fan, but he has had some too! I love you all a lot, but I have had dreams of being with the family and everything as if my mission finished where it was, and it is an awful feeling. It feels empty, sad and there is a ton of regret! I don't want to be home until I FINISH my time here. Evanston, Wyoming is exactly where I want to be right now! You aren't distracting me; I have loved all the pictures and videos! 

Something good to send in the package might be a suit! My blue one is toast! If you don't feel comfortable buying one and sending one I can find one I am sure!

Tell the Murnan punks that I miss them! Tell Ryan and Bekah I am praying for them. In the picture of her and Norah, Bekah looks like she has lost sleep due to worry. It must be really hard. 

I can't wait to hug you all! It will come soon enough! 

Going back to Green River was weird! It all felt the same and it’s the same time of year that I was there… like almost exactly when I got there on exchanges. There was something ironic in it that made me think a lot in retrospect about my mission so far. I went by and saw a family that I knew because we had baptized their daughter last summer! She is still going to church every week and hopefully her little brother will be going with her too. I gave him a hard time about not going. The rule for her was that she had to be going to church for a year before she could be baptized and the same rule applied for him. We saw a few other people throughout the day there - it was awesome! Elder Manning is still a stud.

Sorry the letter is short this week - I am having a hard time sending pictures and videos... I'll catch ya next week!


Elder Moe

P-Day pizza lunch while writing letters.

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