Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Sing Oklahoma When We Come to Their Door"

"The Zone"
Dear Family,

Yeah we had some cool things at MLT (Missionary Leadership Training). President Hillier called two new councilors. President Arusho I think his name is. We haven't met him yet. He has served in the church in some way but I am not sure. The other one is President Keller! He walked into the meeting and everyone started whispering in excitement! I'll attach some of my notes.

We finally had a zone p-day this last week and I will send a bunch of pictures from it. It was super fun. Sister Parker organized stuff to make otai this drink made with watermelon, half and half, sugar, water, and canned shredded pineapple. It was soooo good. There were like four watermelons and you use a fork to dig into it and it shreds and juices it. Bomb.com.

"Watermelon helmets. Apparently it's a cricket thing." Elders Wagley,
Moe, Richardson, Owen and West
We spoke on Sunday on the restoration of Priesthood keys and it was an awesome topic to learn about. I used a lot from the teachings of the presidents! Thanks Dad for sending those references. I loved it and it helped me realize there is a lot of precious doctrine in those books. I will attach my talk outline. Elder West did a great job and told everyone to sing Oklahoma when we come to their door. We took the whole sacrament meeting.

Preston, way to go on paying off the truck dude! Take good care of it. I might need to take it for one or two joy rides just for good ole times sake.

Way to go at killing it at laser tag Becca. Your face picture cracked me up!

There is a temple open house coming up here in Star Valley and we have been flooding our area with invitations that have been given to all the stakes here. We have found a new investigator from it! There was a lady we met who when the missionaries came by last she was going into labor and having contractions. She wants to be baptized. We had one really awesome investigator at church. He is the one with the sweet van.

I hope you have another great week. Drink a lot of water and chew gum at seminary Preston. It will change your life.

Elders Owen and West
"This sweet van belongs to our investigator and it still runs!!"

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