Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Forgot How Much I Loved Wyoming!"

Elder West & Elder Moe
Ok, so the response to your questions will be most of my letter!!

Dear Family,

Evanston is amazing! I forgot how much I loved Wyoming! I remember there was this guy in Green River that had the Wyoming flag tattooed on his arm and I thought it was kinda crazy but it makes since now.  (: LOL  (getting tattoos is still dumb) Elder West is awesome! He was born in England but grew up in Perth Australia! It is the most isolated city in the entire world! He said it is about the same size as Salt Lake! He says really funny things like "shops" for grocery store, trolley for shopping cart, zedd for the letter z, bugga for bugs and so on and so forth!

"This is Wyoming district A.  Elder Lolofie is the one making the face! He is from OKC! He is so cool! Next to him is Elder Wilkins. He is brand new from Missouri. He grew up on a farm and reminds me of Dallas Carroll a lot. He did track too! Elder Richardson is next to him. I don't know him too well. He put up his key indicators in math jokes. Sister Lawson of course next to him! You know her. She informed me that Elder Murdock is about to go home! Elder Wagley is next and from from Minnesota. He is brand new as well- Pretty soft spoken and looks like Clark Kent in person. Sister Simpson is from Missisipi or Tenesse. I don't remember but she has a thick accent! Elder Owen is next to her and he is our District leader. He is awesome! Solid missionary we see him a lot because he covers the south side of Evanston. Elder Bothers is brand new as well! He reminds me of jimmy Neutron. He is super smart and cool kid!  The senior couple is awesome I just don't know them super well yet."

The zone is good sized. In the valley, they have consolidated a ton of areas and put three zones together. In Wyoming, we split Lyman and got another area 😊😊 ~ Rock Springs, Lyman, Mountain View, Green River, Pinedale and a few other little towns. Sorry I don't have enough time to look them up. 

"I'm pretty tall...  Elder Manning came with me to WY
and is in my greenie area!"
We cover 5 wards. We used to cover the Spanish branch but we just switched it to the other Evanston elders. We cover the YSA here too! I am not sure what our address is yet! I will let you know if there is anything I need next week. Sorry short on time. We live in an apartment where missionaries have lived for 15 years. We do have a washer and dryer and we drive a 2016 Nissan Rouge. Elder West was already here with Elder Baumbac before the transfer!  Sorry, I will do better next week! I know the gospel is true! And Jesus loves you!

Love,  Elder Moe

"This kid is awesome! He is 11 years old and super cool!  I confirmed him on Sunday!"
"This is Colton (Grayson's brother)! He reminds me of Dallin Moe!!" lol
"This dude got a killa shiner. His family are recent converts! The handle went straight into his face and you could see the perfect circle."

"This is a great idea (kid sleeping on the couch)! He was like that and snoring for all of church."

"We weren't ready."

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