Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Finishing My Mission in the Big Cottonwood Stake"

June 26, 2017

Dear Family,

This week flew by and we were both super thrown off because we thought we had two weeks left... SUPRISE this was the last week of the transfer. So, I will be staying here and finishing my mission in the Big Cottonwood Stake in Holladay, Utah. Its kinda crazy how fast this has been. There was a night this week that I woke up at 3 am and my mind was flying. I had so many thoughts about the mission and the goals that I wanted to accomplish before I go home. Its gonna be amazing. President Hillier told us that if we keep pushing we will accomplish some of our greatest work these last few months!

We spoke at a homecoming this week. That’s a weird experience. There was so much energy and excitement; I couldn't believe it. He had gotten home this Friday and was sitting on the stand next to his stake president. You could tell he had worked hard and came back different.

This week we...

- Ended up running down Highland Drive in 90 degree weather to get back to the car in time to get to dinner
- Alias didn't get baptized, but he is super exited to and will be soon!
- We had a miracle when I asked and awesome person to use the bathroom and we taught a lesson instead.

Inspired goals are an opportunity to find the vision God has for us.

Elder Moe
"So I am staying and Elder Rawcliffe is leaving. It's crazy knowing this is my last area! I'm super excited!!
Elders Rawcliffe and Moe

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