Monday, June 12, 2017

The Eternal Salvation of Families

Elder Rawcliffe & Moe
June 8, 2017

Hey I love you guys!

Don't have a lot of time but today I was sitting in the temple and I prayed and thanked God for my family. I thought about all my immediate family and then I went on to all my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and everyone I know. We need to all be able to be in the temple together. That thought brought so much Joy. I love every single one of you and I want all of you to be a part of my family forever. We need to love and lift and carry each other. There is nothing more important that we have here than the eternal salvation of families.

This has been a crazy time! Having Monday as a proselyting day was awesome. It’s cool to be able to take the sacrament, have the Sabbath day, and then go and work the next day.

Elias came to church with Brother Neal this Sunday and had a great time. His grandma bought him some pants, shoes, and a vest. He looked awesome!

I was falling asleep in one of the sacrament meetings on Sunday and I realized the only thing I could do to stay awake was to bear my testimony. I told them about why I came up, and everyone was cracking up. I hope my testimony made sense!

Elder Rawcliffe is awesome! We have gotten along super well and he is a great leader! He is a pro violin player, has perfect pitch, and is so very talented with everything music! I love him!


Elder Moe!

"Big Cottonwood Stake is legit"
"Liz is getting baptized next week!"
"I didn't land..."
"Elder Moe 1  Wasp 0  There was a wasp in the apartment and I blew it out."

Got to eat dinner with Heather Johnson from home!

"Brigham Young Sanuk"

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