Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Our Own Church History Experience"

"Holladay and Spanish Zone activity"
June 19, 2017

Hey! Glad to hear Nauvoo went awesome! We had our own church history experience on Monday visiting all the grave sights of the modern prophets! 11 of the 15 prophets are buried there. It was cool to see them all and really made it real.

We had a giant Spanish zone and Holladay zone barbecue afterwards at a park. There was like a ton of yard games, but we just had a giant group and played SOCCER! It was epic. President Hillier had to come over and tell us to come eat when the food was all done. We were just going to keep playing. At the end I played spike ball with Elder Alkema, Meyers, and Palomeque. Elder Meyers said we were practicing for Provo... lol

Lizzie got baptized this week! She is awesome. Her dad was able to baptize her and it was such a special experience. This Sunday she got confirmed and her brother got interviewed to receive the priesthood. We are going to be planning a temple trip with her dad and brother soon!
"Lizzie got baptized this week!"
Elder Moe & Rawcliffe along with the ward missionaries. 

So the picture you got was actually someone who is not a member of the ward who let us help her! We were so grateful to do it! Send me the pictures! We ask so many people if we can help them and they never say yes...
Elders Rawcliffe and Moe doing some service!

We had dinner last week when I was on exchanges with Elder Mickelson. He is from Idaho and is super cool, but doesn't do spicy... There was a spicy side and a non-spicy side. Elder Mickelson took from the non-spicy side, but Idaho non-spicy and Acapulco non-spicy is different. haha

The work goes on!!

We were over in Glendale for a lesson with Elias at his other grandma’s house and we saw some people sitting on their porch. The spirit prompted me, and I went to talk to them real quick. They immediately asked if we could pray with them. I said the prayer and looked up and the girl was like, "oh my goodness" and ran in her house crying. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon with written in it so they could contact their missionaries. I have to admit the West side was pretty cool.

Elder Moe

P.S. I am gonna be able to grow a sweet stache when I get home.
Elder Moe & Opificius at Temple square with an investigator.

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