Friday, June 3, 2016

"Lovest Thou Me?"

"We called 911! A water line broke and it was pouring out of the road
right by where we had the car parked at the time. I thought it was time
for the second coming (Visions of Glory).

Dear Family,

This week was a great week! Sorry for not sending pictures last week! I spaced it. I haven't taken very many pictures this week. I'll do better I promise! Right now I am in the mission office helping Sister Eberhart with the shirt sizes. She will probably call you soon this morning. We gave sister Eberhardt the completed sheet of all the sizes. (I had our STL do the sister shirt sizes, I didn't want to get into trouble!)  Then she lost the sheet... Luckily I took pictures so she did the sisters. 

This week I am working on the attributes of Virtue and Diligence. I taped a piece of paper in our car that said "Lovest thou me?" When I am tired of feeling sluggish or just go along with the motions, I look at it and respond "Yeah Lord, thou knowest that I love thee" to which the Savior responds "Feed my sheep." I am really starting to see what it means to put your heart, might, mind and strength into something. We can go knock a door OR we can pray before getting out of the car, walk to the door with a prayer in our hearts, picture a child of God that needs the gospel on the other side and have the faith that you can help them.

The miracle this week came in unplanned acts of service that honestly made us feel pretty heroic. We got to call 911 to save a guys house from potentially flooding, we ran to help a guy push his car to the gas station and we helped an old couple that drove off the road and hit a light pole.  Our Father had need of us and we were able to be at the right place doing the right thing at the right time!

Elder Moe

Hopefully Sister Eberhart calling can make up for my awful letter this week! So sorry it's been super distracting here in the office and she has needed my help.  I am glad to hear your birthday was awesome. I love you so much.

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