Monday, June 13, 2016

Last MLC With the Eberhardts

"Hike with President, but I didn't get one with him in it :-/"
Dear Family,   

Hey, so we need to buy a van like the one you took to Dallas. That would be sweet. There is a family out here that has one that is in our area and it is the best! It was good to hear that you had so much fun in Dallas! Preston, watch out, Becca is coming up... Your sister is about to be able to stuff you. Speaking of dunking, Elder Soelberg and I are doing Air Alert for morning workouts (Preston should know what that is!) and we get to stay together for another transfer!

Last MLC with Pres. & Sis. Eberhardt
This week was awesome! We had a great MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). It was the last one with the Eberhardts. We talked about sustaining the Hilliards with our hearts, concerns we might see in the mission and just preparing for the time of change ahead. I am really sad to see the Eberhardts go. I am going to miss joking with Sister Eberhardt and her sassy self and President’s pure white hair of wisdom. They have brought this mission so far and are examples of so many Christlike attributes. The change might be hard, but I know it will be so good because it is from God. The Hilliards will be able to take this mission to better and better as we all progress! I can't wait to meet them!

I saw Zach Baird!
It seemed pretty normal seeing Zack! I think it's because it happens so often. The world is tiny as a Mormon in Salt Lake. It was at the Stake play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

This week we went on exchanges with Elder Long and it was awesome! I learned some great lessons from him and we learned some great lessons together! We found 2 investigators and one was a rodeo cowboy! He had a big chew in and it reminded Elder Long and I of home a lot! He is from West Virginia! It was so funny, he is the nicest guy and his name is Nick. We haven't had a full lesson with him but we shared a message and said a prayer on his porch. It's so easy to just "do" things and we both saw so clearly the difference between just doing and then putting our heart in.

Love, Elder Moe

Saying goodby to Javi
Elder Moe, Soelberg & Javi

Moe & Privado
More hiking
Hike with Pres. Eberhardt

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